February 27, 2013

To Chenille, or NOT to chenille, That IS the Question...

My BLOG HOP is still going on!! Stitch By The Lake The bloggers for today are listed in the last post....Hop down and start enjoying your time on their blogs.  Everyone commented on my pompoms (which are felted balls you can order) and the chenille.  Chenille gives alot of dimension when you need that variety in your project or Quilt.  The LQS usually sells a good quality chenille that holds up to wear and tear!! Do you have Chenille Bedspread Memories?  Feel free to share and leave a comment on your experiences with Chenille......Don't spare the Quilted Threads today, girlfriends!!
I did find a small stash of chenille today...and a book on birdies....it may be a fun day!  doll quilt and maybe a cloth and chenille birdie too?....ummmm  I'm just sayin'!!

 Quilted Blessings!! Karen

February 26, 2013

Doll Quilt Monthly

The blog hop is fun, fun Sew We Quilt. I posted last night but the list below is for TODAY! It's almost over but has been alot of fun
PLEASE feel free to  visit the blog list I have added.  The girls are doing such great and creative work!.
  There are hops being planned for the future and looks like you can find one that you might be interested in too.  Just keep checking the site out.
I am working on my Quilt for my Doll Quilt partner.  She is from California and is busy busy busy. So, we are trying to get our little quilts out to each other in the next week or so.  While I was looking online for ideas I did run across a couple ideas for future too.....I just wanted to share them as i
ideas..just for fun!!....Nana Company   
I think the quilt is just so sweet..the three little , ha I was going to say little pigs...but I see one is a rabbit and one must be a bear! jokes on me...... FOCUS!!......
Check out this one also!!Clover and Violet
Wednesday, February 27  Blog List: I'm So Biased...Amy Bradley Designs
Passions of Cliodana
Quilt Mamas
Marathon Quilter
Marthas' Crafts
Fiber Babble
Simple Sew
Sewn Seabees
Charlotte At That Other Blog
Nina's Patchwork
Charlottes Creations
I Piece2-Mary
My Spoolish Hart
It is just sweetness!!.....I will return when I decide about my doll quilt!!  So much to think about!!
Quilted Blessings for sure!!  Karen

February 25, 2013

The Bag Lady......I'm A Little Biased.....love chenille....

Biased fabric and chenille....lots of room, pockets inside...straps

Add your tools, ladies!!

I just "felt" like it !!..chenille hair-do!

Fun to hang on a chair, or take shopping
This Blog Hop has opened up a new world for me...a newbie....I am also new to the Doll Quilt Monthly and there you get a new partner each month to exchange a Doll Quilt, and get to meet other quilters and that is the best part of all!!  Meeting y'all in the Hop has been a blast!!
 I hope you enjoy what I did with "My Bag Lady", she "felt" like she needed to be used as a bag that can be taken to quilt gatherings or just hang around on the back of a chair.  The chair in the photo is from the early 1800's belonging to ancestors as the ladies sewing chair.  Can't you just see a lady with a long dress sitting there quilting?....I love it...little granddaughters climb up into as toddlers...and a Dobbie (granny) like me still sits in it too
"My Bag Lady"is like me, she is full of all kinds of colors, thoughts, energies and service!  She has a pocket inside to carry extra things; on the outside is a ruffled pocket on the back...easy access!!...I love chenille and it was in my stash calling out to me for this Bag Lady!! So, she has chenille hair and also a blocked chenille front.
 Thank you for stopping by and please come back often.  May  Quilted Blessings Abound to You,  Karen

Also, you can link to the blog at our Sponsors page and I do give Thanks for all the work that she and her partners have accomplished to get this together and keep going! I give you KUDOOS!! It Must take tons of work! We notice!! Stichin' By The Lake  
And Amy Bradley did it again with her design she shared with us!  Thank You!!!

My Partners On Tuesday to Visit the 26th.....It's All About Me..... I'm A Little Biased...
Pat Sloan
To Love Handmade
Feathered Nest Studio
Selina Quilts
Gypsy Dreamer Quilts
Sheilas Quilt World
13 Woodhouse Road
Stitches Of Love 
and you are here at  inthesewingbasket.blogspot.com  !!  Its a Good Day!!  Its a Very Good Blog Hop!

February 19, 2013

For The Love Of Quilting

Hello friends!
 I am busy with the Blog Hop I talk about below and give links to it...
 I am starting the quilt  Lets' Get Together...from Jill Finley.  It is just calling me strongly. Notice  the contrasts in colors?....I will show my progress tomorrow....I think I need it with the winter in NW Indiana where we have snow one day, a little sunshine thrown in, then back to snow and wind.  Its' ok, like my Mom would say" it is better to have winter now than in April. " Amen to that sisters!!

  I just finished Jills top Pink Petal Pusher, also from Jills book....so cute in pink and white and some green appliqued flower centers and curving stems.  It is certainly ALL good!

So, with that I want to add a blog to visit and enjoy a tutorial on hand quilting/vs machine quilting.  I am not a person who judges anyone for how they get the quilting done.  Do what fits you and you feel good about!!...I also say, are you kidding me? Do you think the ladies of 1800 would not have also machine quilted if given a chance with one of our machines?.....We and they are not much different....just years apart, that is all.

Please enjoy the tutorial.....it is worth a cup of coffee with your visit.....Purl Bee.....Bless you today and maybe some quilting.....hand or machine.....just Enjoy it!!!   Quilted Blessings Always!! Karen

Hop Till You Drop

I am in a Blog Hop and want to list all the blogs that you can visit this week and next week.  I am on the 26th to post my  I'm A Little Biased creation I made.  I posted the 19th and 20th below but will list the rest of the days of Blog Hops. Get a cup of coffee and share a piece of coffee cake....and enjoy their ideas...today was the first of the Hop and they are so cute!!....the creator is at Sew We Quilt

Thanks for stopping by and as usual, if I can be of service to you please let me know by leaving a comment below.  Thanks.  Kari

So, I will start with Thursday and Friday of this week Blogs and Follow with next weeks Blog Hops ..ok?....:)

 February 21st

February 22nd
A Little Bit of Lorene
Life In The Scrapatch
Boston Bits
I Love Wool
Pathchouli Moon Studio
As Sweet As Peaches
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Grandmama's Stories
The Slow Quilter
Robin At The Other Blog
Rosemary At The Other Blogg

February 25th
Quilting Lines
Mountain Delights
Jane's Fabrics and Quilts
The Fuzzy Hat Quilter
Ramblings Of An Empty Nester
Quilt Doodle Designs
Living Life
Freemotion By The River
The German Mom
Spoilt Dogs Quilt

February 26th
Pat Sloans' Blog
To Love Handmade
Feathered Nest Studio
Selina Quilts
Gypsy Dreamer Quilts
Sheila's Quilt World
13 Woodhouse Road
Stitches Of Love
Janice At The Other Blog
In The Sewing Basket

February 27th
The Passions Of Cliodana
Quilt Mamas'
Marathon Quilter
Marlas' Crafts
Fiber Babble
Simple Sew
Sewn Seabee's
Charlotte At The Other Blog
Ninis Patchwork
Charlottes' Creations
I Piece 2- Mary
My Spoolish Art

February 28th
Cherry Blossoms
HIll Valley Quilter
Dashsies With Moxie
I Like To QuiltBlog 
Quilt Smiles
More Stars In Comanche
Tea Time Creations
Shedding The Wolf
Life, Quilts and a cat too
Judy At The Other Blog
Madame Samm

I hope you enjoyed your blog hop.  It was fun for me!!   Quilted Blessings!! Kari


Sew We Quilt: It's All About Me

Please enjoy the It's All About Me designs that several quilters have come up with over the next 2 weeks.  The Blogs are listed on Marlene Bushs' Web page Sew We Quilt. I will also try to add the groups daily on this blog.  If you are interested in the groups she has going in the future, you can reach her at mbushretired@gmail.com.  It has been fun to do; my design does not appear on my page until February 26th.  Enjoy the different ideas with me!!  Quilted Blessings!!  Kari
Check out the Designer  Amy Bradley

Visit these wonderful gals Blogs to Follow the Hop!!
 Hop till you Drop!

Wednesday February 20, 2013


February 13, 2013

1/4 At A Time

Here we go girls; the first thing after cutting out fabric straight and accurate is what?....yep your seam allowance.  Did you get a quarter as a kid for allowance?......see if was Providence working even then, preparing you to be a accurate quilter!

Now, did you iron on Tuesdays and Fridays?.....we had a large family, so those were our ironing days....do you still iron a shirt or blouse the way your Mom taught you too....I confess I do....so here is a ironing advice from the pros....hope you enjoy the videos today.  It is the basis for good piecing of a quilt.

Now, Happy Valentines Day.....again.....and Blessings Quilting!  Karen

My Blog Hop It's All About Me....tons of fun....come and start to visit on Tuesday......

 February 19th, 2013

February 11, 2013

Valentines Day is COMING!

Paper piecing a heart seems to be a grand idea for this week.  I am presently fighting a cold, so I think it would be a good afternoon activity.  It seems to be the prettiest heart I found paper pieced so far.  Hope you enjoy and share your ideas with me if you would like!  Quilted Blessings!  Karen http://craftcouturebytc.blogspot.com/2012/02/tutorial-paper-pieced-heart-with_21.html

Doll Quilts

Doll Quilt Monthly is a fun blog to participate in and exchange Doll Quilts monthly with your assigned partner. She sent me a gorgeous whimsy Doll Quilt last week.  The quilting on it is full of twists and turns and little poseys and squiggly lines. The points are perfect and corners are awesome! I am just saying this because I want you to appreciate all her work! She also sent a card that was made with a scene of rolling hills and machine decorative stitching was added to it. Wonderful!!  It fits me perfectly!
 You must visit her blog; pattilousquilts.blogspot.com

The  Doll Quilt I sent to my partner I did find on  another blog http://whynotsew.blogspot.com and with permission enjoyed making and tweaking  mine !  Happy Happy Valentines Day!!! Quilted Blessings!! Karen

February 7, 2013

Snow/Quilt Days

I bet there are some that are in a snow storm today.  We were in a small one 2 day ago.  It was a nice snow and not threatening.  I saw the most beautiful picture of snow out west the other day online.  A man had taken his snowshoes and placed them on his boots and headed out into the fresh white snow and began to do a LARGE quilt pattern (round) in the snow! He must have planned it out before he started.  He must love his wife tons!!  It reminded me of the days when we were kids in Ohio, waking up, and hearing NOTHING; it was so quiet when we got a large snow overnight.  And as soon as we had our warm breakfast and NO SCHOOL today....we would head outside to make our Fox and Geese layout of dens and etc.....and we would play all day....chasing and winning or loosing...taking our mittens to the back door where Mom would meet us and exchanged UNMATCHED sets that had been warmed up on the floor open registers....So! here is our home...the one my Gary Built....not Jack....so awesome! is my main man!  Heading down to see the Grandable Gals tomorrow for a couple days; hope to get to a Quilt shop there and back to quilting on Monday.  Have a safe weekend, when it starts and feel blessed.  Quilted Joy.....Karen

February 6, 2013

Jodi Barrows

Jodi can teach you points that you will never be disappointed in.  You will never look back!!  Please enjoy!!  Quilted Blessings!!  Karen

February 5, 2013

A Great Quilter

A blessed and talented quilter Karen Mowery has passed away, just on Friday. I had followed her work and I honor her here today. You can link up to her blog here and enjoy it and realize life is short; handle with care and prayer. Quilted Blessings! Kari http://sewprimitive.blogspot.com/ May I suggest ordering her last book; I am sure you will enjoy it! A Bountiful Life by Karen Mowery