November 30, 2014

A Moving "chapter" finished....A New Adventure Begun

A new Chapter can not be started unless you can finish the last one......I say again; my Hub is soulmate.....

Moving....what a process....and in the middle of it
God does HIS work, our son raised over $100,000
in his Kidney Fund in over 6 weeks time, his brother
was completely ok'd to be the donor....on November
14th between 8:30am to 12:30pm our older son Steve
gave life back to his younger brother Kevin....God held
them in His hands....Kevin accepted Steve's gift and now
we are on the "other side" as Steve calls it of the transplant.
Kevin is still having adjustments in this body....low sodium,
replaced by IV's, Blood when his counts are low, and
admission when he catches the flu from his girls....Steve is
healing slowly; pain is still hard to bear at times; so it has
been abit rocky but nothing that surprises the Dr.....I think they
Our Son Steve and Wife Lori
are on "schedule" and God is still holding them.
We moved during the month also from Indiana to South Carolina.
Back to a farm we started to renovate and clear 5 years ago.

Our Blue Ridge 

Shiloh's last roll on the Pine

Our Heaven

Good bye


Dog's New Pond :)

Transplant Time!!

It is a work in progress.  Our 2nd oldest grandgal Kirsten came to spend Thanksgiving with us and do a little Black Friday shopping with me.
It was fun and we sent half of the left overs back with her to her college
apartment.  Time does march on.  We made a decision to sell the cabin that we had spent 11 years doing.  It was the right thing to do at the exactly right time.  God is NEVER late......never....and always always GOOD....each time and every time......Oh, we are so thankful He is our God and is in control.  So, enjoy a few pictures....I will find my son Steve the donor in a previous time.  I did not get Camera pictures of him in his lovely gown.....he will be glad for that!!....
New Shutters, Storm At Sea Barn Quilt Up
We are still settling in here.....painting....adding accents to the outside....deciding what we do next on is great....oh, did I mention my Hub retired from ER nursing too.....whoooooosh!!  a very blessed October and November time........7000 miles later.....yep.....many trips and transplant is ALL GOOD!!!

    God is so VERY VERY GOOD!!!