February 28, 2015

Fearless Diamond

How are you at doing diamonds?  There are many helps with this
technique.  This is a very helpful video.  Get a cup of coffee and some
of your favorite fabrics and give it a try.......

Or try a .....Lone Star Tutorial

Hope this gives you courage!!  Paper piecing is also a good choice....Fresh Lemons  is a great source for that experience.  Presently, I am doing the Farmer's Wife with paper piecing and it is my answer to small pieces and good points.......you know what I mean!!......


February 25, 2015

It is ALL Hugs And Kisses

You know we just had Valentines Day a couple weeks ago now.  Didn't you
love to make those Valentine Show Boxes all decorated up to receive all your
friend's wishes when we were in Elementary school? ...sweet....cookie sweet too memories. wink

A few years ago when the Internet was new Sweet Helen  introduced me to the Aussie Quilter....she broke all the rules and added embroidery to her quilts and designs.....now she travels and goes to Quilt Markets, etc.....and the current show at The Quilt Show is featuring her technique of Applique.

Please enjoy two videos I found of hers on You Tube......LOVE IT!!!  and I say "bravo"  for her perserverence and hard work....and kindred spirit.
Hugs and Kisses (pinterest)

Quilted Blessings!!!  

February 21, 2015

Farmer's Wife

I just found a great video on the Farmer's Wife, starting at the beginning.

The first Video starts at about 28 minutes into the post..so just slide it over until you

find the starting of the lesson.  Wink!
From Quilt Story

Yes, I am going to watch these today!!

Have Fun!!

Quilted Blessings!!

A Party?.....

Hope you are quilting today....or putting a plan in place to take a few minutes to quilt.....whatever you can work out.

It is sunny here today with NO RAIN....or even wind.....just a sweet
February day in SC to sit and sew.  I am working on my Farmer's Wife
Quit and I will post my progress in a few days.

Today, I found a video over an hour long to watch while I "smoke" my
blocks together...I love Eleanor Burns and Marianne Fons....nothing better
except maybe Mary Fons with them or Liz Porter....now that would be a party!

So, Enjoy this "party" of mine....my thought may even meet your Quilted thoughts in
The Kindred Spirits of the Stars (we are stars aren't we?)!!.....Party On!


February 19, 2015

See You At The Playground

Aiming For Accuracy....Mishks's Quilt on Pinterest
I was so blessed today as I looked for a modern Quilt along.
These gals are so talented....I am rushing this post as I smell my Chili and Cornbread finishing up.
Our fire is burning for our cold night of 18 here in SC!!....and so! I will be sewing.
But I wanted to share her connection and lower cost of 15$ to join until the 21st....
Here is a picture from pinterest of her design.  I even ordered the fabric on Craftsy so it ends up like this one.
Why Not?.....JOIN!!!.........Mishka's Playground Quilt Along  . 

Quilter's are so blessed....to Quilt and to share.......

Just enjoy these sister's.....so sweet!!

A Holy Experience

Please take a few moments to read Anne Voskamp this morning with me

and experience the privilege it is to pray......Live and Love Lavishly....

Antique Job Tears from Pinterest
and Quilt fervently as you pray, enjoy the Job Tears from Pinterest; I made one last winter and plan to longarm it soon.

.....God Bless You......

February 15, 2015

Ultimate Stencil

Sharing is what Quilter's seem to do best!!
Cindy Needham's work on Pinterest

We share laughter and sadness.

We share our lives together; stitched with friendship and love.

Even if we are online Quilting friends and so far, have not sat in each other backyard "gardens".

But it is always a future goal!!

So, today I share this link to Cindy Needham and her Ultimate Stencil.  There are video's at the
bottom of her new designed "page"....I am in her classes on Craftsy.....and she is a special guest on
The Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky soon.

You can see her gallery at Pinterest.

 What would life be today without this page?!!...Pinterest that is,,,wink!

As long as this is a SHARING day please take a moment to watch Lynette Anderson using her Apliquick  tools.......yes, I joined her BOM for this year on The Quilt Show.....it promises to be a shared journey too!!

and bias Strips made "easily"!! 


February 14, 2015

Share the LOVE

Share The Love!! go to Sew We Quilt and share her heart of love today!!
My Hub of 45 years had a surprise Miniature Rose Plant on the table with a LOVE balloon.....he got up early and ran to pick it up before I was scrubbing my "face"!!......
and today I am to Quilt.....NO PROBLEM!!....as he works on our kitchen and new tiles.  Oh, I even get a shelf for my new printer....I love renovations....:)!! I love my hub!!
Quilted Blessings!!