September 16, 2015

I Love Lucy

Ok, So I admit it.....I have always loved Lucy.....
Thought I would share this little clip of her "sewing".....

I am working on the 1930 FW Quilt now.....on block 34 of 99 total to do
I am enjoying using my First Farmer's Wife Every day.....
Don't be afraid to start one.....jump in cause the water is "fine"......
Farmer's Wife

Farmer's Wife 1930 Sampler
Have a blest day!!

September 11, 2015


First of all, another fabric store online is is sad to see them go but she is stating she needs for time with her here is her link; with fabric at 6$ a yard.  Catches me at a not so good to buy fabric time, but for you, it may be a blessing you very much needed. The LIttle Fabric Shop

Floors are work, yepper; just sayin'.....taking out the old, putting down the
new....even my friends are in on it too in their homes.....Iowa
friend has buffed old to new floors with painted walls,beautiful....yey!
and Denver friend has all her hardwoods rebuffed and varnished too,
Way to Go Girls!!!

We decided to put in a floating tiles in the kitchen
Swoons make all things Great!
are drying now with some added weight of osb to make sure
the glue dries and tiles do not move....just sayin' assuarance.

Meanwhile....our Chickens get in on "selfies",this is my hubs
Pet Chicken....wants to be held .....

Started my FW Sampler..1930's..LOVIN" IT!!! They are
such sweet blocks from her newest book... very NICE and
easy paper is wonderful how the patterns do fit and
work together well....YEY!!   25 done.....74 to go.....whooosh!

I am so glad God is not finished with me yet!!.....and as I work
on quilts I am reminded by my Denver "sister" that all the mess ups
of our lives are pieces that God uses in His Masterpiece of our very
journey that He has allowed to work into a perfect piece of His Art ....

Like a Quilter, I would say!!  a Perfect "for sure and certain" Quilter!..

Enjoy my photos.......Fall is almost here.....are you ready as we are.?......
we are done with 90 plus temps for awhile!!........Quilted Hugs!!

Good Bye Old Flooring


Just Love the New Floating Floor

Iowa Friend's Summer Work


I know she is saying AH!!!

Random....curly Sweet Potatoe

As We Work.....Goldens patienet as usual....Frizbee?......just sayin'

Yep, I started it!

up to 25 done of 99    AH!!!

Summer Smiles from SC Farm Renovation