October 13, 2017

Fixing Things

   I am just back for a bit.  This site is underconstruction and moving to a new dwelling.  I am very much improved physically and when I returned to my blog there were black boxes all over the place.  I hate to loose all my posts but that is the way things roll sometimes.  I can not share photos right now here so just believe me when I share I LOVE the Dresden Plate now and have enjoyed doing 2 graduation quilts lately.  Walking around the pasture.  Picking rorses.  Watching my hub build an addition on the little cottage we live in now.  So forth and so on.  I praise the Lord for His touch into our lives during this condition I must now live with.  He is mighty!! and He is Able.
  Hope to figure out the new sight I am working on with NON tech hands.....just quilting ones....haha.  Have a wonderful safe fall.
  Quilted Blessings, Karen

I just cleaned the frig last week without falling into the bottom shelf.....that is what we call PROGRESS!!!

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