October 21, 2012

What a blessings Sharon is with her videos. I found this video on You Tube on how to cut bias binding....it is awesome! and also there are videos on curved bindings also...Please enjoy!!

October 19, 2012

Having a group of Dear Janers' just starting at my Little Quilt shop is proving to be so much fun and also drives me to find new help or ways to encourage others as we work on our own "babies". I have found paper piecing such a help with working with these small blocks too. I am sharing an old goldie in the video world of Dear Jane....Please enjoy! and if you live in the NW Indiana area and want to visit my shop or start up with our Dear Janes, just look us up!! Quilted Blessings!! Kar please copy and go to this video, I am having problems getting it to post and the set of three dear jane videos are very good! Sorry for the trouble!! http://www.hgtv.com/video/dear-jane-quilt-block4-video/index.html

October 14, 2012

Hello, Thanks for stopping by!
Come and join me by visiting my little quilt shop in my cabin. My services include longarming with hand guided machine quilting with a Gamill. I can also give quilting instruction. We have 1800 Reproduction Fabric and some Vintage 1930 selection, along with quilt backing. Call me to set up an appointment Recently, I found some gals that wanted to start working on Dear Jane. We are just beginning our blocks and you can hop in anytime to start or finish yours. Wherever you are in your Dear Jane Journey, you are welcome to join us. We are trying to meet at 7pm on Tuesdays at this time, but I am flexible with my time and can work things out for your needs and desire of instruction. Just let me know how I can help you.....do you need to learn to piece or quilt or do you have a quilt top that needs to be machine quilted? Just call me. Karen 5747804562 10801 Hawthorn Road Plymouth Indiana

August 30, 2012

Dear Jane Gathering

Time marches on and changes come; that is a surety in this life. We have recently moved back to our cabin and this quilter is planning to open up a small quilt shop here. Gatherings are in the making to start the Dear Jane Journey. It causes my quilted heart to have some excitement also to see interest in this Civil War Masterpiece of colors, patterns and stitches. We should be so content in our day. See you soon!!