May 18, 2008

And Away We Go!!

I am back and about ready to get "caught up" on my blocks! So many ideas and projects and so little time! Is that the way you feel? I just heard a new way to quilt, try quilting on old linens! Now I could really shoot myself! A couple years ago I gave away tons of old linens when we went through my husbands Moms' home before selling it! I do have a small source though left! Cindy Needham has begun this idea in her book! just go to her site at and order her book..I also watched her on Alex Andersons' Internet show, if you have not seen that yet, that is a must; it replaces her old Simply Quilts show that was on cable for years...OK!!! I am quilting wholecloth 1800 repro. fabric into panels to make curtains for my almost finished bedroom and bath upstairs in our Cabin....but I figured I could also get atleast 2 blocks for my sweet baby jane quilt done each day so I could get caught up and be on time in the "end"! Confessions of a Dear Baby Janer! Quilted Blessings if you are just stoppin' by....leave a comment if you'd like! Kari