May 30, 2016

Blessings on This Memorail Day

Here is it Memorial Day again.  What are your plans?
I thank God for my Veteran Hub who served in the VietNam War.
Our first child, Leah, was born while he was gone....a long year....and
I am grateful for all Military Soldiers and Sailors.  Our oldest son served
in the Marine Reserve and then active Army for 11 year.  Our oldest
Granddaughter, his daughter, is now serving in the Navy...getting
her training now.
Rejoice in our freedom...our ability to serve God and Man.....and to
get up each morning to decide how to use that I am working on my last block
row of Jane baby....then my triangle border....and my hub and Grandgal that
is staying with us for now are going to start putting in more fence posts to
board self care horses in;  Lord willing.

Blessings to day in whatever you may be doing or where ever you may
be going!!.....Yes, i am still with my sciatica but on a good cream and predisone hubs heel is still it goes!!  we are thankful anyways!!

Enjoy Angela.....I ALWAYS do!!!

Quilted Blessings today!!  Thanks for stopping by!

May 18, 2016

Moments in Photos

I wanted to share some photos of the last few months events, including
my Dear Jane progress...I am starting Row K today....I like the letter K.  heehee
Then from January on we completed our kitchen and redid our bathroom.We
are in the process of putting up a greenhouse, funded with a grant.
Getting our sandy soil richer in nutrients through composts.
Quilting as I can stand it.
Seeing our family complete degrees and gradations.
Just rejoice with us in our photos I share....
Love my New shelves at end of snack bar.

Love the New Shower head

Handy Dandy glass shelf too

Our Two Grads in Md in BIG Storm this winter

New Bath with Bead Board....LOVE IT!

Our Son who had a Transplant....Last Day in Grad Prog

Greatest Happiest Selfie EVER!!

New Sailor with Proud Parents

Our Master's Journey with Family

Progress of my Jane BAby

Love the triangle borders on Jane

Progress on last row to quilt yet

Our first Greenhouse....FUN!!

Our roses on Mother's Day

Roses from family on Mom's Day....smelled so good!

Thanks for stopping by!! say a MILLION WORDS!!.....blessed Mom's Day Weekend this year........WOW!!.......  Hugs to all and may your stitches be from your heart......