July 10, 2008


I am sure all who come across any quilters' blog can see that at times the quilter seems to be "gone"...well, we are usually doing what we love! Quilting or balancing family and home so we can squeeze in time to quilt! I am getting ready for the festival in our town over Labor Day...since it is our first year we don't really know what to expect or get ready..but we are truly giving it our best try! There are close to 500000 that come into our village over Labor Day..amazing! and more amazing we are part of it this year!..so! keep up on your projects and I will see if I can keep up and finish mine! I have found some great quilters in Austrailia also over the last couple months, online...so I have joined a stitchers swap..it won't begin until later in August..so, being a quilter of various loves and interests I decided I could not miss the chance of having a secret stitcher and I will stitch for another in secret! Fun Idea!...
Count Your Blessings!! and I promise to be a Dear Jane Addict again soon!!!!