January 24, 2013

Busy on my American Jane quilt, spread out on my hardwoods! I think I am going to love it! Putting together another top with the Recess panel....making whacky different shapes inside the accent blocks with the panel....
Loading up the Big Queen American Jane...... The girls? My grandys' taking in the mosaic ceiling at Macys' in Chicago.....sweet memories...Quilted Blessings! Karen

January 23, 2013

Cottage Roses

Can i say WOOOOHOOOOO!! Done!!! Quilting came into my life and I have never been the same!! It brings so many things together for me....sewing, design, colors, FABRIC, accomplishment and then comfort for others. Cottage Rose is finally ready to send to my gal! The sweet Birdie Quilt is being enjoyed by the little daughter of my gals college roommate. Quilting is just so much fun!! You can bless so many folks! and little folks too!!
Leah is my gal!! Her daughters are gorgeous and sweathearts for sure! Yes, this quilt top was made awhile ago. My Hospice mentor and friend opened a small quilt shop on our farm in the 90's... She is in Heaven now after going through breast cancer. She spent her nursing life comforting and caring for sick ones in their homes. She was an excellent quilter and she inspired me in both; Hospice nursing care and Quilting. So, this Cottage Rose has Linda all over it! She did pick out the fabric with me for our shop.
I refound the Quilt top in my "need to finish stash" when we unpacked this summer. It is a good thing!!
The Meadow design is what I chose for this top. My daughters name means "meadow". The design is my favorite pantograph given to me while taking a Fearless Feathers class at Accomplish Quilting several years ago. The instructor asked when our birthdays were and I was the closest to the date that day. She was retiring the design that she had done herself. Its one of those that looks great on alot of quilts.
I had issues with my bobbin when starting up. Eyelashes, appearing on the navy back of the quilt was finally resolved. I learned more about letting your bobbin walk back into your hand, like a spider, after you load it. After having success with the bobbin; THEN you can tighten the top tension until the eyelashes are gone. A Relief!! Yes, it is a learning and happy week ......Cottage Rose Binding Next!! Quilted Blessings!! Kari

January 22, 2013

The Little Quilt Shop....with a Big Heart!

My favorite quilt, we call the Birdie Quilt.
Here is my quilt shop with 1800 Reproduction Fabric and 1930 Vintage. I can also hold a retreat for a group of 5 or less. Just let me know what you may want to plan. We will be able to house quilters overnight later in the year.
What a joy it was to quilt up these two quilts featured for these sweet gals in Virginia. Let me help you out by longarming a top you have finished. I can also "fix" together any kind of quilting lessons you may need. I do prefer Jody Barrows Square in a Square technique for blocks too. You will never look back and will love her technique for perfect points; no more clipped wings! Quilted Blessings! Kari
Well, dear friends!! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season with family and friends. Our son and his family and our daughter and her youngest gal ventured up to Chicago to visit the American Girl Store. I had spent over a month making doll clothes and imaginary props for their dolls; so it was like the cherry on the Sundae for me to see them enjoying the store. It was so crowded! wow!! with many little girls hugging their dolls that had been well loved!! It was a cold windy walk, of course, to the store and we enjoyed some wonderful, only made in Chicago Pizza, on our journey. My hub had to work the weekend the kids could come at the same time so our son and his family made a surprise visit to him. Hospitals are open 24/7, did you know that? ha.... GOOD NEWS!!! I am about to open my quilt shop in my Cabin. I have 1800 Reproduction fabric so I want to offer the Civil War Sampler class or group meetings or one on one.I also have some 1930 Vintage, miscellaneous fabric and wide backings.
Whatever would fit the needs of my quilters. Just give me a call if you stop by my page and we can set up a time. I do longarming and am willing to rent my longarm for others to quilt on after a class to introduce you to my Gamill Classic I kindly call Suziebell. Come and see what I have to offer and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee......Quilted Blessings! Karen