September 29, 2013


Little Machine Quilt Stitiches
Mug Rug
It has been a combo time for us! We are building a porch over a deck off an upstairs bedroom..we think it will help this winter with some drafts....we have been staining the Koi Bridge, porches etc!! I would stain you if you came around I THINK!! :) ....and I have worked on my Swoon Barn Quilt we have been outside!!.....
I did finish my Doll Monthly swap projects today and will send them on the last day of September to my current quilting friend in plan is to get a quilt loaded on the longarm soon and continue to get things ready to open up "the shop"....truly I am!!....we were just away from cabin for a couple years and now it demands we get it caught up outside....You know .....  LIFE!!!.....  Hope your coming October will be very positive and blessed!! Quilted ones from you......Karen

Doll Monthly Quilt Swap

Upstairs Deck project

I know! it is RED!! be careful picking out stains!

Swoon Barn Quilt #1....three to go!!

September 16, 2013

Simple Jelly Rolls

Don't you just love all the help you can find to do the very best quilt top, easy and enjoyable to accomplish?...I sure do.  This video is just that!!  Please enjoy it as I work on Doll Quilt paper pieced you tomorrow.  Have a sweet, safe day.  Quilted Blessings!!  Karen

September 14, 2013


By Design
I am convinced, everywhere I look that God loves patterns too....even in Marine life....I am sure God Loves Quilts too!!.....I thought this was such an awesome video....  I am painting on a Barn Quilt today...many layers of paint on the design...and working on a Doll Monthly Quilt and maybe even Quilting on my Suziebell!!.....Oh, yeah, first Exercises!! a used Total Gym 1000....:).......Quilted Blessings!!  Karen

September 5, 2013

Try It!

Swoon Quilt
Quilting and Quilting some more!  Trying new wings in the longarm quilting world these days and finding it so much fun!  Trying to just relax and enjoy the process and pray it looks good when it is done!  In the last month I put together and quilted a Swoon Quilt....I do love the fabric I used from Lori Holt in it. It is a challenging quilt top to put together but please try it!! You won't be disappointed in the results....
 I also made a doll quilt with the same pattern and fabric for my Doll Monthly August swap.  I am just going to post my phone pictures and hope you enjoy them.  I love to quilt and would be happy to finish a top that you have completed!  Just email me.  Quilted Quilted Blessings and more!!  Karen

Circles and Circles!

Swoon Completed!!

Doll Monthly Quilt Swap

Close Up!

Apple Quilt For My Daughters , put magnets inside to stick on her metal desk.

September 3, 2013


I am still longarming on quilts I want to hang in my "shop".... but,  I found this awesome Apron tutorial tonight Riley Blake Designs   I found it by way of Maureen Craknell Handmade know how we Quilters love to see what others are doing....Anyways, I think it is a sweet Dresden Design!  I will reveal my two quilts I am finishing soon.....complete with Finial/Rope Display!!
Super Cute!!
Do you have a clothes line?  Just love the clothes pins on it!!  It is great being a Quilter!!.....Blessings!!  Karen

September 1, 2013


Have some fun and watch the video on checkerboard blocks....laugh a little with me and life alot!....Quilted Blessings!!  Karen 
these two make me smile!.....alot!......