February 27, 2014




                                                 I just wanted to share a video I found that is just so sweet and
                                           the quilt ideas are just so "charming",since you use charm
                                           squares.  (wink:)
                                           Our son who is hoping to have his kidney transplant
                                           this year, has come against another obstacle....his gallbladder
                                           started acting up last week and now has to be removed.....another
                                           surgery.  He is also going to go on Peritoneal Dialysis in his
                                           home as soon as things "heal"....he is now still on very tiring
                                           hemodialysis....we trust our Almighty God for every minute of
                                           his journey.  He has surgery tomorrow morning and we are
                                           running down to be with his wife and help with the girls where
                                           we can.
                                           I have been busy quilting since I have, pretty much ,been
                                           snow-bound this winter....I am on my 4th Quilt top and I have
                                           finished 2 mini quilts....one a mini Swoon......yes, it is sweet!!

                                            I am Hoping to longarm these tops soon and post       
                                           pictures....for now.......
                                           take care dear friends......
                                           Let me
                                           know when you see your 
                                           first sightings of    
                                           Spring.  Robins, Crocus, even the
                                           Smell of Spring will do!!    
                                           Quilted Blessings!!