April 30, 2014

Oh Fransson Quilt Along !!!

sweet little fingers and toes!!

Time to start our Quilt Along!! the Aviatrix Medallion Quilt with Elizabeth Hartman at Oh Fransson .  She did have some issues with her blog a couple weeks ago but she is ready to start now. So glad she was able to put it all back together.
  I am heading over to Ohio to see our Grandgal Caroline on Friday; her 2nd grade class is celebrating how their Grandparents spent their time in 2nd grade.  It should be fun.  I love children.....love love them!!  Yes you  know what room I was in!! ha
So, I will start this weekend.

As I said before, I stuck with the colors on her chart and quilt above.....it is just so perfect to me.
You can use whatever you want though, just give it a try.
.....God Bless You as you Quilt! 

April 10, 2014

Aviatrix Medallion

Have you ever done a Quilt Along?  I have seen many to do and they look wonderful.  I have started my Farmers' Wife on Craftsy.com by deciding what fabrics to use but I have not started yet.
 Why?.....well, 3 Whiskers kids Quilts....curtain, valance, and a cleaned up basement, quilt shop and sewing area....! plus I have longarming to do.....excuses?...maybe!!...but busy is the word, regardless.
 So, my new sweet friend, Amy who now seems like a "sister" to me is doing the  Aviatrix Medallion Quilt Along and so, when I saw that quilt and all the Kona Solids I knew it was in my future.
My soooon future!
  So, I found a good buy for them at Fabric Shack and I am good to go!!.....May 1st is when we leave the "starting gate'....and I am excited!......   Don't Worry, Bee Happy!! ..... and Quilt!!  Blessings!!!

And Thanks again Amy for doing all the work on my new "look" on my blog!! 

April 7, 2014

Quilted JOY

I am so busy right now making new "dressings" for my windows
in the Great Room and Kitchen area.....Scarves, valances and
Tiers....I LOVE to dress windows....2nd to Quilting....
I decided to take a Quilting break before I dive into my Farmers'Wife Sampler.
Sad to say, when I took my CD out of the sleeve it was in 3 pieces.....Did
I just hear you say OH NO!!....that is what I said....it probably was damaged
in our move back to the cabin...OH WELL!!  Fortunately, I had joined
the monthly Farmers' Wife Sampler class on Craftsy....and I decided my
colors last night.

SEW!!!.....yep! that is what we do and lots of it here at my cabin.

Please enjoy this video from Quilted Joy....I love that gal....a single Mommy
with triplets has a longarming business.....if she can, we can ,right?.....
So, I advertised in our local paper starting on Saturday for 2 weeks for
Quilts To Longarm....  is that Pikes Peak or Bust kind of thing?   I am thinkin' so!.....

Oh, forgot to mention if you are wondering how to dressup your kitchen window and you
love vintage like I do.....go to Amazon....they have great vintage reproduction towels.....and
I found 4 feed sacs....(chicken feed ones)....to hang on a clothes line above my sink with, of course, the old fashioned clothes pins!!....

are you drinking java?......I am!!  Enjoy the film and get inspired!!