June 28, 2014

Wish Upon A Star

I did it! I purchased this pattern on Etsy....I am in Heaven...I guess I should be since the top is named after the Stars!!.
....I cleaned house today...and stained other days, finished Maddies Ride On Quilt with binding yesterday,,, it is suppose to rain soon and tomorrow...so!!...I am thinking of getting started on this quilt top tonight.....I know I posted it before but I did not buy the pattern until today. You can go to Sweet Jane and find all her quilt patterns...very sweet and individually designed....she is also on Pinterest......enjoy this wonderfully good summer weather!!...winter was just way toooo long!!
Quilted Blessings!!

June 25, 2014

Risk? Nested

Nested Church Dash
We all hear about a risk taker...I have been staying away from posting my actual quilt pictures....I am being honest....I have a new camera and I do need to figure out my photo shop.....so here is my latest work....My Nested

Maddies Ride On

Organic LInes

Long and Hard Winter of 2014

Churn Dash is a bit crooked.....I did two...so i think I will try the paper piecing and see what happens this time.  I have started to longarm Maddies Quilt....it is just straight lines at different widths...I do like it on some quilts and especially teens....it is relaxing too....just walk back and forth....so! this is what I am doing....SMILE!! you are ON.. Candid Camera.....wow! where did that come from!!!....Have a risk taking day....Blessings!!!!  Thanks for stopping by too.....
One bobbin down and I suppose 7 to go.....
Staining....and Staining....not finished :0)
OH, the cabin?....it is my life....haha...to stain it.....so
I am changing the Dormers to the Green....in process
and then the logs?....yes, I am doing what I can reach....
It is all good..........Just wanted to share.....Quilted Hugs!!


Working on the Nested Churn Dash, I discovered again how weak I am at making Half Square Triangles.  I found the greatest tutorial for squaring the HST up also at Diary Of A Quilter. She is a great young lady that can make things more simple for us all!! So, try her technique and tell us what you think.  The photo below is from Quilt Jane and I bought her pattern on Craftsy; a wonderful online source for patterns, classes, etc!!

I did wake up early this morning and want to get down to my Suziebell and start quilting my Ride On Quilt for a sweet Grandgal, Maddie ,who is 15 going on 16 and needs a New Quilt to spruce up her room and also show she is "growing up".....it happens!!!.....anyways, yesterday I did work on the Churn block and had to make two to make one.....that is a Quilters' Math at times.....it happens!!!.....I did use different colors than the one shown, but the one here is just perfect!!.....so please check out the  great tutorial mentioned previously.
You won't regret it!!.......

 I also found a paper piecing pattern that is on Bing...it is 95% scale, so I am not sure what size you would have as in block size...but it would help with the points and piecing laying straight...I am going to try it later too..... If you have not done paper piecing try going to You Tube and there are several videos there.....you can check my archives too.....

The weather is NON rainy and cooler today and tomorrow so I do have to keep Staining on our Cabin but a Quilter has to do what she has to do!!!....it happens!!!.....Keep Calm and Quilt On!!  Blessings!!!

June 18, 2014

A Quilted Life

I must thank Lori Holt for her wonderful pattern of mini quilts
of CUT, SEW, PRESS, QUILT....so much fun!  When they are completely quilted they are heading to my Longarming Walls!!....no my walls don't really have long arms.  The English language is a bit funny at times.
  I just ran across a blog with a video on it Thank You From Granny.  It shows a sweet older saint who, I assume, has now gone to her Lord and her love of being able to learn to Quilt.
Be sure to scroll down the page to find Grannys' Sweet face.

 I express my Thank you to my sweet best friend who taught me how to Hospice Nurse and then connected me to Quilting.  We went to lessons after work 60 miles away. What fun we had and then, later,  we set up a small Quilt Shop in a Summer Kitchen on my small farm.  Not soon after, though, we sold the farm and moved to a town where my hub could finish his BS in Nursing.
 All too soon, God called Linda home.....after breast cancer....but Oh, how she taught me to live and love and embrace life....and to give your life as a gift to serve others.
 I imagine you all have that special connection that started you into your Quilted Journey.  God keeps giving me new folks and the love of Quilting just increases.  What a joy!!  Quilt on!!  Quilted Blessings!! 
Hope you enjoy Granny!!......Karen