August 28, 2016

Bound To Jane Baby

Stacks of scraps
I am bound to bind Jane is  very  good to feel she is really finished..... Finished is BETTER than perfect..........

loving on our Golden Sunny Boy......Quilt Jewelry.

There was serious storms last week.....tornadoes with no deaths in Indiana
and Ohio....a miracle......and then flooding in NE Iowa....and flooding in much where to go!!

Sunny Boy

Love Our Little Pool

Love quilts on frame before I unpin it!

begin the process of scallops

YEY!! it worked!!

To God Be The Glory!

Hope you connect or enjoy our video of The Village Church on is so awesome......

August 26, 2016

Stitchin' Soul

                                             Elation Day!!  It was yesterday!  Still feelin' it!!

My Dear Jane Baby (with attitude) got her souls last stitch at 530 pm
August 25th 2016!!!  Started her journey in February and as some of

you may know I have had sciatica since I started her.  I would love
to say the pain is gone....when I finished her up....but it is not, but it
is improving.  I am going up stairs better now....we are strengthening
the smaller Gluteal nights can still be problematic....
but I keep Quilting....just shorter times standing at my Suziebell or sitting
at the sewing machine....

So,  I am happy to say I have 3 heirloom quilts ready for our 3 gift
to them....later....2 Farmer Wives and 1 Dear Jane.....

I am figuring out what top to do next....I think it will be my Granny Square I
Last Stitch to Complete her "Soul"
pieced a couple years ago while snowbound in our cabin in Indiana.

My hub did finish the back metal roof....we did the pressure washer on theback siding (SC has a problem with algae growing on siding in summer)....
next job?....get the plastic up on our gothic greenhouse so we can order the2nd one.....retirement is a have to have energy for!!!

Enjoy the photos and please have a blessed day.....rejoice in the Lord!!

Love My Suziebell!!

Just a Process of Patience and Perserverence
Quilted Blessings!!

August 22, 2016

Dear Jane

Now this is the sure way to do a Dear Jane or a Farmer's Wife Quilt.....

Jane Baby getting it's Soul in Stitches
I am over half way through the Quilting many many more designs to figure out!!......JANE!!!.....I even said Good Morning Jane her......
Just Amazing Art Work of God

 Life is Amazing.....Quilting is My Journey now.....enjoying Sunsets with my best friend and Hub.....Blessings!!! 

August 8, 2016

Sweet Clementine

Are you busy finishing up the summertime?   Painting?  Getting kids
ready for school? Quilts for fall Birthdays?........

Just thought I would share an older link Cluck Cluck Sew   You just
have to love these quilts!!!

Recently, I purchased an new Stencil from  Cindy Needham  
I love her work and all she offers to help us finish a quilt top with great ideas of quilting it. 

Have a Sweet Creative Monday-Friday kind of week!!