I am so glad you stopped by my blog....my friend Amy@ A Quilting Sheep has done wonders with it.

I love to quilt. I have made over 100 quilts on my Gammill longarm for family or friend or even to ship overseas to an orphanage. I have my Gammill tucked away in my walkout basement in the cabin that my Hub built for us, so I have tons of light. The energy comes when I put my hands onto those wonderful handles and away I go!  I call my Gammill Suziebell, my childhood nickname. You can check out my pricing on my longarm services page.

I am also planning on offering classes of all kinds soon. To get more information on my classes, check out my classes page.  

RETREATS....is a big thing in the future too as the doors open to that.  Aiken SC , yes we left Indiana and moved to a farm here......so it is all good.

If you have any questions, send me an email: ksflick@gmail.com.

Anything can happen in a happy Quilters' life.  Just stayed tuned and see what we come up with....

Quilted Blessings!!

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