April 29, 2008

See Jane Run!!

Have you ever just wanted to quilt and nothing but quilt?...so Help You!... that is where I am at right now but not able to get to my sewing room! Since, we are building our cabin and finishing it up day by day, I had to spend a few days sweeping sawdust, cleaning cupboards and setting up my small quilt shop...I was blessed and able to put together a quilt to send down to my grandys in SC for their school fund raiser...I hurriedly longarmed it in a feathered meadow flower pattern and ran off to USP before they closed on Saturday...
You know sometimes Moms' feel sick but they don't realize it? Have you ever been there?....I had a backache all week..it was getting worse..I NEVER have back problems..I am a nurse and finally talked to my hubby who is also a ER nurse..and we thought, "gee, is it in the lower back?,right or left or central?.." we came to the conclusion that I could be passing a small kidney stone!...I increased my fluids and started to drink green tea...it finally passed, left me feeling kind of "punky"..but then I could put my full attention and effort into the "gathering frends" quilt I was trying to put together to send out South!..Yea!!....
Now!!! back to my Sweet Baby Jane!!.....soon!! (I have 4 quilts to longarm for some new friends in southern Ohio)! But Soon!!! See Jane Run!!! Quilted Blessings!! Kari

April 23, 2008

Quilting or Bust!

BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!! Aren't we all!!!!!! Got some more fabric in the mail from heartofdixiequiltshop.com today...I LOVE it!!!...there is great choices there and it is a quilters haven in price also! I have to finish a quilt to send to South Carolina for our oldest son Steves' kids for a school raffle for helping the school out too! I realized last night that I needed to have it in the mail on Friday,! yep! so! I had to find a simple pattern but interesting too..."I think you've got it!" as the old saying goes!!!....I am also setting up my fabric in my cabin...hoping to get it open soon to sell to kindred souls that I have not met yet! Quilting is such a great experience isn't it?...the back to Jane this weekend..I am sure I am close to 14 behind by now!...but it is "Quilting or Bust!" for me gals!!! Quilted Blessings!! Kari

April 20, 2008


The first two blocks are done!! I even made a video! Playing catch up here in N. Indiana and also enjoying the warm air and beautiful flowers blooming in the herb garden!! Quilted Blessings!! Kari

Sweet Baby Jane

I have started on my journey gals! My bags are packed and I am not "turning back"! Pix to follow! Quilted Blessings! Kari

April 19, 2008


Here I go!! "Downunder" today!! After I check out a grocery place that a Mennonite family runs (we are all trying to save money,yes?) I am starting my "journey", I especially love the quilt that was posted yesterday here at Dearbabyjane! It would take alot of planning but it would be fun too! I like the softness of it..and then the striking contrast to at the sides...I had an eye exam yesterday and my macular degeneration has increased in my right eye and my left eye is "soft"...yes, I am taking vitamins and now I must be faithful to my "grid"...it is still in the dry stage...but you know! I must quilt quilt quilt!! and enjoy each sunny and grey day!! God Bless You if you read my little mind-teaser moments here at my Sweet Baby Jane blog...hey! hope to be posting pictures soon!! Quilted Blessings!!! Kari

April 14, 2008

Let Dear Jane Begin!

Went to sit on the couch with my Gw tonight to listen to an instrumental Cd...and was dreaming...and saw a priority envelope on the couch...in the semi-darkness!!! WHAT IS THAT!!! OOOH!!! I ran to the other room for more light and here I am!! It was my fabric to begin my Journey!!!....I must equate this to the sweet pioneer sisters we must share our hearts with when they selected what they would take on the "trail" with them!!

My background will be Dargate Prussion Blue-Gemstones in Blue..I thought I would reverse the look light mixed with all colors on the dark...we'll see!!.. OOH!!!

I have sweet baby Cora tomorrow so we will be cutting our first pieces out for Sweet Baby Jane~!! Cora will be 2 in July and already walks around with the tape measure around her neck as she jabbers and clucks!!.....like they say..."I'll be back!" with my first attempt for needful opinions!!! Quilted Blessings and also for a long time ahead..Blessings in Pieces!!! Kari

April 12, 2008

Past Time or it that In The Past?

Well, gals, I am "ready to roll"....but my fabric for Sweet Baby Jane that I want to use as my "base" is not here..(no, I am NOT cooking fabric! ha...although it might be "yummo")....ok! back on track......I sent for some pieces online and they should be here, like I said, next week....so! I have a stash here at the cabin and I decided to work with vintage for a couple days...I have been working with 1800's for a few weeks now...so, I will go visit Aunt Grace for awhile...actually I did have a WONDERFUL Aunt Grace in my life, my Gramma Fayes sister....
I am outside the box again.....actually I don't think I own a box.....that is beside the point, for some.......
I am putting it on a paddington bear background..
...I don't know!! .. we will see what it is like....also I am back into my square in a square by Jodi Barrows.....it is slick.....hey, that rhymes with my last name!!....
I am abit crazed today.......
My son is recording a band here this weekend...Have you ever been through recording bands?....it is layers and layers of background and vocals!!.....want to hear the last bands tune?...huh?.....Ok, I will stop....but I will make my son come to ONE quilt retreat here when they start happening!!!....
So! next week girls I am going to hop "onboard!".....you have 12 Dear Janes' done already?....yikes!!!!! Oh, my Aunt Grace my golly.
Sorry!! I will take my humor to my sewing chair!!!!!! Quilted Blessings!!!! Kari

April 11, 2008


Yep, I am ready now!! Got the two rows of quilting ripped out and then started over! Now, it is done, ready to "go to its' maker"...sorry!..bad quote..quilt humor?...anyways! NOW!! I am going to plan my Dear Jane...I did send for fabric...I will surprise you when it comes! Hey! don't laugh! It is a beginning! I decided the background and got it on sale...even better! Great buys! FYI at the Heartofdixiequilt shop online...well, gotta go! Think I heard a honk,going out for a quick supper with Mindy and little Cora.....talking......quilting?.....NEVER!!!! Quilted Blessings!! Kari

April 6, 2008

Sweet Baby Jane

I am here and I am starting on the journey!! I have my book and dvd and inspiration. Please tell me that I will be ok!!! just joking! Are you telling me to "take three aspirin and call me in morning?"..
I have thought about this project for a couple years but realize now it is not a project, it is a connection or extension of who I am !! and I haven't even started yet!!
I am looking forward to meeting other Dear Jane enthusiasts, so please leave comments..I do so live near Shipshewhana Indiana, less than an hour away....I would love to have traveling Janers'...retreats, etc in my cabin........My bottom line goal is to piece a legacy for my family, I am a history enthusiast since a kid so...I am pumped up!!