April 30, 2013

Lets' Watch Quilting Ideas

Quilting Ideas QNNtv

Isn't This Sweet!!
Please link to the video above...it is a great place full of ideas!! My Longarm Suziebell and I are bonding with my Grad Photo Quilts, it is all good!!....see you in a couple days!!....As Always, Quilted Blessings!! Karen

April 29, 2013

Surprise Spring Sightings!

Doll Quilt of Star! Doll Monthly Swap!
Back side....so sweet!
Close up and personal!
I wasn't expecting this surprise today in our mail box by the road!  I was taking "sightings of Spring" photos with my Iphone....and there it was!  I Love my Post Lady!! She brings me so much joy!!
Thank you, Karen in Canada also for your work of art....I pray you enjoy what I sent you too!  Thanks for being my April Swap Partner!  Quilted Blessings!  Karen

Side Entrance to Quilt Shop!

April 28, 2013

Catch Some Spring!

Spring Apron!
hanging temporary....blue blue blue?....
 Spring starts with beauty, even small bits of it....Hyacinth great fragrance....yellow daffodils......tulips of all colors....YUM!!  If you could make a diet of flowers we would be at a smorgasbord!  So, since my hub recently built my new open shelving in our cabin kitchen I thought it would be the right thing to do on my part .... add an apron!!....So, there you go....a small project but I hope a useful project and can be worn by my friends and family too!  I want to make some more kids aprons too....
Did you wear aprons growing up?....we certainly did and in my first years of marriage I did wear an apron,....then I got into just putting a cloth kitchen towel inside my waistband when I canned as the kids grew up.....I like both...and I am so glad there has been a revival of Apron lovers!  I have a couple from our kids Grandmothers and also Great Grandmother too.....
Quilted Blessings....Always!! Karen
Oh, a special thanks for our great cheerleaders and organizers of this great Blog Hop!!  Pig Tales and Quilts,  Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt,   Awesome job......again!!  Check out below for the previous sites that made Pompom projects and also tomorrow on the 30th...... it has been fun! See you later!!!....I am busy catching Spring!!
                                                                   April 29th

                                                                   Accio Fabric
Felt pompom flowers with embroidery work.

Quilt Smiles

Scrapbook Chickadoodle

In The Sewing Basketm  ME! 

Life Quilts and Cats 2

Debby Kratovil Quilts

Just Let Me Quilt

Janes Fabric and Quilts


April 26, 2013

Accent With Amish

Just found a very fun Quilt Along, it has a video with it, ...thought I would mention it........Accent on Amish 
I think the Quilt is very pretty..... I am thinking.......

.....Have a wonderful weekend!!   Quilted, Of Course!! Karen

Weekend Qullting

The Blog Hop will be back on Monday and Tuesday.....Currently...I am
Busy busy with longarming a very special quilt for a extremely precious girl.....two of them actually.....here is my first one....using Wedding Bouquet on it (she is not dating yet!)
.....it is such a pretty pattern and it is going well....I just keep getting snagged up on the edge of each photo frame.. it just slows me down a bit that is all, that may be a good thing  :)
Please, enjoy a sweet weekend....we are, with the sun out and warm.... we plan to plant a few blueberry plants and rhubarb and our first asparagus patch....yes,  we will be telling the little rabbitos' to take a hike!!.....
Quilted Blessings!!  Karen

April 24, 2013

Hop to That Blog!

It is fun to encourage others to join in on Blog Hops....this is my 2nd one and it is great fun to see what others "come up with!"...we will be having this through next Tuesday...so come back and pick a blog to visit....don't be afraid to leave a comment!!...Quilted Blessings!! Karen

                                                April 24th

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                                                April 25th
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                                              I Piece 2-Mary
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                                            Sowing Stitiches

                                                April  26th
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                                                April 29th
                                              Accio Fabric
                           In The Sewing Basket----thats' me folks!
                                    Life Quilts and a Cat too
                                     Debby Krateovil Quilts
                                         Just Let Me Quilt
                                               April 30th
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                                            Sew We Quilt

Always Enjoy Life!!  Show a Little POMPOM in your journey!!

April 23, 2013

Sneak Peak.....

Just a Peek!!
Just wanted to give a sneak peek to the Doll Quilt that I sent to Canada yesterday......I have One Grad Quilt ready to load onto my longarm Suziebell tomorrow....for now, I just wanted to add this "slice".....
I will also have links to the Blog Hop I am doing with Pompoms.....I think it starts tomorrow....so, check back!!  For now, it's time to go to dreamland soon for the day.....Quilted Dreams!!  Karen

April 22, 2013

Take a Walk.....let the Sunshine In!!

Ready to go to Canada
Painting Blue Shelves...yummo
Flick Chicks.....:)
It is always such a great feeling when a project is done and ready ahead of time!!  Since I have retired from nursing and I sew every day I can say, I have done that a few times now!!  I am in a blog this week of working with pompoms...I decided to do something on an apron, so I could also use the project.  It won't get alot of laughs but it WILL get alot of use by ones that visit my kitchen.   Can't show it yet though....not sure what day I will be participating in yet.  You should try blog hops....they are fun and you make new friends.  I also am in the Doll Monthly group....a partner each month to make a Doll Quilt for and get to know a little of....it is sweet, but I can't show that either, since I just sent it to Canada :).....fun!!!.....love those Canadians!!  So, I am not sure what to show right now.  I do have my 2 grandgals photo quilt tops ready to longarm....and I am still making roses for my younger grandgals quilt....need 50 more.....so gee!! I guess I will send you a SMILE!!.....a quilted for weeks smile....and peak at our chickies...we have 13......and my shelves!!! I love them!! I also painted these recently....my HUB is a sweet man to me!!....and now they have to cure for another week before I can place my plates, cups, etc on them.......Blessed!!!  Hope your day is too!!  Quilted Blessings!!

Quilted Blessings to All!!

April 11, 2013


I have been down memory lane the past week with our two oldest Grandgals graduating this Spring, and of course, that means in our family; a Quilt!  even two!.....so here is a peak of part of the quilt, from Fig Tree Quilts.  I have chosen the design, Fresh Vintage Patchwork ,in her book,  "With Fabric & Thread".  I recommend this book highly.  It is spiral bound with wonderful photography and a nice envelope in the back for the patterns.  I love her fabric also, but I only used a tad of it in the house roof in my first Grad Quilt.  As you can see , I used photos in the block sections.  The second quilt will be in blues mainly and smaller blocks will be used.  I admit I forgot to reduce my 8 inch blocks to 6 inch so the first quilt is quite large, so I will be redesigning the sides of that quilt with a running of small photos, so I can reduce the size of the now large quilt to a better twin size that will hang to the floor on the sides :).......you know, these photos will mean more to the girls with each passing year too and that is such a sweet thought....if they do use them on their beds the photos of their family and the sweet Grad Grandgals will keep them tucked in at night, where ever they go. I love that thought!!  I love young adults, kids, babies....I love them all!!!......
Fresh Vintage Patchwork
Also, we started our Lasagna Gardening.  Our daughter in loves' sweet father offered his Old hay in his barn for our use in our first Lasagna Garden.  We came home and spread the hay in our raised beds and planted 26 strawberry plants we had gotten, almost of free, in the fall.....I will keep you posted when we have Strawberry Blossom sightings!!   Lasagna Gardening   It is layering your compost and hay and enjoy weed free gardening....please use Hay and not Straw.....the hay has the nitrogen....plus you will enjoy less watering due to the moisture staying in the hay......  we will see.....and maybe even enjoy vegetables protected into December for harvesting!!!
Hay for Lasagna Gardening
So, I am busy busy this week with my Grad Quilts, plus yes, if you follow... Grandgals' Rose Garden Quilt...have to finish 50 more Roses on that one.  total over 150......we think.......its' in progress!!

Quilted Blessings!!!  Karen

yes, we are transplanted IU Buckeys!!

April 3, 2013


WOOOHOOOO!!! I am 4!!!!! (the tissues say it all!)
You know birthdays when you are young are the BEST!!  Enjoy the picture, it does say it all!!  Went to her party Saturday and Easter Services on Sunday.....now Quilting on Grad Photo Quilts....hope to give you a sneak peek soon......:)  Quilted Blessings!! Karen