August 31, 2014

NO SEW.....Seriously
How many of you quilters also do scrap booking? is a great video on how to make some no sew quilted looking postcards....I found it so pretty and so amazing!!

No Sew  She has a great many creative ideas and contributors.
Enjoy the video.....

Of course, you can do this with Holiday Prints.....etc.....your imagination seems to be the only limit.


August 30, 2014

Sam The Man

Sometimes people come into your life in an unexpected Way....Sam is one of those.  Our nieces' son.....precious 11 year old who is going to set the "world on fire"....someday.

My hub had wanted to have him over for a visit for awhile now..... now it is a memory, but they had fun together.

Sam got to ride the lawn mower last night and then mowed grass today.

They did target shooting and more would have happened but  the weather wasn't that cooperative, plus my hub had jet lag from several night shift work and battling the "cold" that is going around here rampant..... so, Sam shared.....
" I really want to make a quilt!" ....  I was floored and
thrilled at the same time.

Then last night my mind was full of ideas and always came back to the modern look and the straight line, this morning, he found a simple 4 block center pattern that was surrounded by longer pieces, etc.....he went to my bolts of fabric and came to his decisions of colors.

We cut them out, measured, figured out how to put it together and  away he went.

Indiana Sunsets!!
Yep!! he sewed the blocks together as he let me direct him and then while he mowed I hurried and loaded up the quilt.
 We then hurriedly did as many rows of horizontal of quilting and then I finished a bright binding on it that he chose.....he had to be home around 5pm so he could care for some animals of friends who got "away" for the weekend.

The quilt turned out "wonderfully good!!" and all in just 6 hours time and it was the first time he had done any stitching!!.....he is something else!!!.....a breath of fresh young air!!......

He has energy and imagination with a cooperative attitude and helpful spirit.

Blessings to Mama Emily you did so good with him!!
He is a our keeper too!!

Thanks Sam the Man!!........We had a great time!!

A Blessing we were not expecting but oh, so take it!!! take you!!!

So Proud!

He chose all the fabs!  Perfect!

He did so awesome!

He loves the outdoors

Wonderful Memories!

August 29, 2014

Four Seasons Quilt Block/ HST

I am going to attempt to make a Half Square Triangle Quilt and I found several patterns here;  HST at Craftsy  
Decisions... Decisions
These are the patterns available.
All Pretty!!!

I want to share Jodi's Secrets 
 for success with HST.   It is short and sweet!!

So, of course, on my hunt I found a video to help me; (confuse me) in
picking out the pattern.......from Missouri Quilt Company......Four Seasons' Quilt Block...... quilt is behind
Jenny made NBS News!

On My Quilting List

Four Seasons won for me....quick and easy pattern!!!......

You Rock!!   Blessings!!!!

Angels' Pea Pods

 Today, I have more free motion videos to share by Angela Walters.

Angela Walters Freemotion
I am working on my House Fig Tree Quilt today.
It is going to rain for a couple days and my nieces son is coming for a couple days to spend time with
my sweet hub!!.....even if it raining they will have fun....
Angela Walters Fat Quarters.....YUM!
outside doing things together.....

So! I will just longarm and since I made the Hugs Quilt top yesterday I have a bunch of already made HST to use in a small quilt top.....I am excited; it is my FIRST HST Quilt Top, seriously!!

For now, enjoy Angela! I always do!!!..........


Labor Day?........Quilting here.....!!

August 28, 2014

Who Knew!

Every day is a New they say at The Quilt Show! and today
I learned from watching the video below that they make  half square triangle PAPERS to help us make perfect ones!!
 That can be so important on some projects, you know!

This video is part of a series of videos to finish
up a Wishes Quilt Along .... looks like fun!!
Don't You Just Love It? !!  I am so glad I stumbled on it today!!


August 25, 2014

Coat of Many Colors

Fons and Porters Quilt on Pinterest
So cool!! I love all the colors in this is a helpful video.  Enjoy!!


and yes, I am longarming my Fig Tree House Quilt.....Happy Happy Happy....

I love this Dot to Dot good!!!

AND how to make simple Strip Sets......such a fun video too!!....
I AM done now.....relax and enjoy!!

Feathering Meander

What are you up to today?.....I am heading to get
my hair trimmed and then back home to my "Suziebell" longarm :)...

I am feeling so much poor hub is  coming
down with the flu/cold I had last week....he works ER
so he said he could have gotten it there also.
So, for today....just enjoy Angela Walters tutorial.....she is amazing!!