August 22, 2014

School Days

Get a cup of Java or Tea......

I am still in classes, let's say, while my URI improves and my inhale and exhale is much "clearer".   Not fun coughing all night though...but it is getting better.  I am thankful for a body that can fight and win !!!

So, while "in class" online I found Jamie Wallen.   In this video he shows the use of his wonderful tool that he designed for applique quilting.   It can be purchased at Quilters Apothecary.

Do you longarm alot.....I DO longarm ALOT; sew it was also great  to learn how to REALLY oil my bobbins Longarm Hook ... WHO KNEW!?

 I sure didn't.

 He also has a tool that will unwarp the bobbin case....OH MY!!....that is the rattle that I hear.  I am so thankful to learn these things!!
Jamie Wallen Quilting on Pinterest

I know this is a long post but his idea for "light" over the longarm work you are doing is really something I am asking my Hub to make me. Jamie calls it a Side Light and he gives all the instructions to make one..I am thinking I could even do it myself!!.....

 I also admire the time he takes to mark his quilt tops, align things, and even give tips on helping with the "fullness" that some borders end up with... to me, since he is a guy, he has a different approach to things; like an engineer would.   So, since I am married to such a kind of guy, it just clicked for me yesterday.

I have a few more videos of his to watch today.  He is available to come to your guild also; just check out his schedule here......Jamie Wallen Workshops
This has just been a 'GOOD' cold, if there can be one; I can see Romans 8:28 working here too.

So, there you go, if you are still reading; God Bless You!!!.....please have a God rich day and rest in Him.....and of course, if you love quilting as much as I do, make a stitch or two for me today.....
 I do hope to return to my Fig Tree House Quilt tomorrow.  I am seeing it on our bed....soon!

You Bless Me for stopping by!!!

August 21, 2014

Swirling and Diamonds

Angela Walters Quilting
Still under the weather here....nasty summer colds
seem to hang on a bit more than nasty winter colds...just
an observation.
 So, first thing I found  a video  Swirly Hooks with Angela Walters.  Now, that
has to start your day "right" !!
Be blessed today!! Quilted Style.......
and yes, I do love Angela's ways of teaching!! She is amazing.  If you have not listened
to her before, please connect and do.  She takes all
Angel Walters
the fear out of "inspirational quilting"!!
It is a brand new day!! Quilt!!

Try a Diamonds video here.!!

Judith Madsen Green Fairy Quilts
Ugh I just found I didn't put the coffee maker
basket down right and now we have coffee all
over the Java area counter and drawer.....opppppps!!!

Angela Walters Quilting

August 20, 2014

Lets Make Lemonade


Pinterest Photo
Lemonade Layer Cake....sounds delicious! in a quilt or actual cake?... YUMM! .  
It is only a 10 minute video, so enjoy and maybe do it in yellows for Summer Lemonade!
 Are You hungry as I am?  Just try the real cake recipe....Lemonade Layer Cake....or Strawberry Layer Cake
My!! These are gorgeous cakes!!

 Have a good summer day!!  Blessings!!  Karen

Feed or cold or starve a fever?....I am thinkin' feed a cold!!

August 19, 2014

One "Square" Please

Pinterest Farmers' Wife

Square it up girlfriends!! Even when you have to slow down when sick, we quilters can still go forward and watch Quilting hints and I am sharing just that help....  Square It Up  .  

 The next step is up to you!!!

Amy's Freemotion Clamshells

Amy's Freemotion Clams
I am a bit under the weather today; I guess it is my turn, eh? Sew, here is a great video byAmy Johnson.She also
has a Feathers video.  Every day is a new day....and for clam shells and feathers! Why not!! 
Amy's Freemotion Feather

 She has a series of lessons at  Free Motion Quilting Adventures.  She is also on Youtube. Looks like she has great advice and very informative ideas available. I would say it is beautiful!!

 Have Fun  today!

 Keep Calm and Quilt On!!  Blessings!!

August 15, 2014

Disappearing Pinwheels

I am about ready to go downstairs and work on my Fig Tree House Quilt...For now I am sharing a video from  Missouri Quilt Company Disappearing Pinwheels.  
Have you wanted to use more of your scraps up?  Who wouldn't!  This GOGO Video with Quilty is delightfully good!!  Enjoy it!!

I did find a few fun photos of Disappearing Pinwheels to also share.

Awesome Idea!
I must need inspiration today....I am also adding a Dresden Civil War Block  idea I found accidentally ... well, nothing is really by accident, but it is a good "scrappy" block to use up any fabrics......she made the pattern and shares about it on her blog. 

  It is a beautiful day here in Indiana.  Hope your day is full of joy and maybe, even a few quilted stitches too.  Blessings!!!


August 12, 2014

Don't Blow My House Down!!

Fig Tree Pattern

I am quilting again; atleast during a day of rain.... Oh, Yes, I will be back to staining and out side work tomorrow. 
I don't mind rain when I can quilt. I am learning feathering so it takes practice; this quilt is for our Queen bed.  I love Fig Tree Quilts .   

  I Love her fabrics too.....,
the houses will be outlined and just the
roof will show tiles.
The wool and flannel leaves add depth too.

Roof Tiles

Feathers on Leaves
Recent Full BRIGHT Moon; Beautiful
The book is a few years old now.
I pieced the top this winter.  I surely hope I do her fabric and
pattern justice with my 'learning curve" quilting.
I have decided that I do need the smaller micro handles added
to my Gammill......SOON!!!....... it is on my wish list.  

Have a creative day.....or just a rest day....whatever you may need.  Blessings!!