July 31, 2014


Organic Ride On For Maddie

 Two Quilts sent off to two teen Grandgals....Ride on and Urban Beads in the straight line Organic Quilting....Fun!!
  Crop duster flying low over the cabin as I stained between the boards on our back porch....staining is a tedious job, so the diversion was great!!....
   Summer is going forward....it has been a cool one here; only 2 days of Air Conditioning needed
....thats' Craziiness!! but nice on our budget.
   I enjoyed working on these quilts...it is always nice to get them also sent to their new homes and lives!

Waving in the Breeze at the Cabin 
Crop duster!! Having fun, I am thinkin'
Sweet Urban Beads for Meg
 Have a Blessed Quilting Day!!!

July 27, 2014

Button Blossoms

I am not sure where I have been at times, but I just found this pattern
on Aunties Quaint Quilts blog and just had to share her pictures.
From Pinterest
Scroll down past the Mystery Quilt on her page to see the Button Blossom Quilt.....it is surely lovely.....

For Everything There Is A Season and this will be in my wanting to quilt season, until I have the time and a few of my quilt tops longarmed, if you know what I mean and I am sure you do!!

 It is called


Today is another rain day, so that means I might be able to get my Wish Upon A Star Top together today....

Have a blest day!!  Quilted I am sure!!!

I have a question....does anyone know where to find this pattern to download or purchase? please let me know; THANKS!!!

July 26, 2014

Come On! Let's Hand Quilt

From Pinterst
I want to hand quilt, do you?..... I want to start ..... I think it looks relaxing...I have The Thimble Ladies Thimble to use...what kind would you use?
....here are a couple videos on it....Let me know if you give it a try...seriously!!......please watch Andi Perejda 

That is so awesome!  This one is a bit longer but it is sweet too.....Hand Quilting Hints  is what I am going to  call it.
 If you have never hand quilted, please give it a try.  My older sister prefers hand quilting.

 I have a quilt from the 1920's I found with pink houses on it...someone put the pencil marks for hand quilting...I want to get it basted to my quilt frame and give it a try or my lap quilting hoop would be fun too.
By George,  I think I just inspired myself :).....Gonna do it!!.......Blessings!!!

Cross Your Heart

From Cactus Needle Blog
Did you say to your friends when you were growing up....Cross My Heart and Hope to Die....this quilt from Cactus-Needle  brings that all back to my "heart".....
Enjoy the glue basting tutorial at Pile of Fabric ......found on You Tube also.....You just can learn something "new" everyday, can't you?!! I did today........

Have a faith centered day and Quilt your heart out!  My idea of a good day.


July 23, 2014

Hot Hexies

My Loft with new dressings....wink :)
My Suzie Bell is calling me!!
I came across this sweet and fun video with Elenor Burns called Hot Hexies. It is short and sweet.
  I do have some already cut Hexies from Bonnie and Camille and so it would be fun to put them together soon too.  You can find Hexie Quilt Ideas on Pinterest too.  I wish I were quilting right now....but with the 70 degree days I am going forward with my paint/stain brush!....we may even get to show the filled up Koi pond soon too....have to run to Pond Supply store today to get more 2 sided tape.....it is awesome for fixing holes in heavy vinyl pond liners....FYI ...wink!   Yes, after being involved in building this cabin with my hub for over 11 years now I have become somewhat of a DIY gal!!.....and it is OK with me!!.....it has been a great journey!.....Ok! I really want to finish my outside work so I can redeem the time again in Quilting....Have a wonderfully cooler than normal, Summer Day!!  Blessings!!!
Had to add this find too at....Scrap Book Girl  
From Scrap Book Girls

STAIN my trim!!....I will!!  I promise!!

July 21, 2014

Color Me Yellow

Just Sharing some photos of what has kept me away from my longarm "Suziebell"

My soul mate Gary rests.  He has an undying devotion and love for me,  his family and Lord.  An Awesome, soon to be retired ER RN!!
....I also found a wonderful bag pattern on Swoon Patterns, Coraline Clutch.  
Please check out the photo of her clutch below....I have not made it yet myself.

I am just thinking that it was named after two of our sweet Grandgals, Coralynn and Caroline, and to be found on an online site named after my favorite pattern.. .Swoon. That was too sweet, not to share it with you!!

I almost missed drying these!!


Hit by a Cheery Tree!!

I stain because I am!! summer 2014

Indiana Sunsets are ON Display!!

Coraline Clutch by Swoon Patterns......so far :)
 May your day be your favorite color..

 Let me know if you try the clutch pattern out and  how it works for you too.

             Quilted  Blessings!

July 20, 2014

Tell Me Why...

From She Can Quilt
Do you remember that song.....tell me why?.....I do.....and I want to know why I am drawn so completely to the modern look or straight line organic quilting and to the circles here?.....please go to her sight and check this out......She Can Quilt
And boy she sure can Quilt!!!
as I Stain away here at our cabin...it makes my day!!  Enjoy!!!  Blessings!!!