July 23, 2014

Hot Hexies

My Loft with new dressings....wink :)
My Suzie Bell is calling me!!
I came across this sweet and fun video with Elenor Burns called Hot Hexies. It is short and sweet.
  I do have some already cut Hexies from Bonnie and Camille and so it would be fun to put them together soon too.  You can find Hexie Quilt Ideas on Pinterest too.  I wish I were quilting right now....but with the 70 degree days I am going forward with my paint/stain brush!....we may even get to show the filled up Koi pond soon too....have to run to Pond Supply store today to get more 2 sided tape.....it is awesome for fixing holes in heavy vinyl pond liners....FYI ...wink!   Yes, after being involved in building this cabin with my hub for over 11 years now I have become somewhat of a DIY gal!!.....and it is OK with me!!.....it has been a great journey!.....Ok! I really want to finish my outside work so I can redeem the time again in Quilting....Have a wonderfully cooler than normal, Summer Day!!  Blessings!!!
Had to add this find too at....Scrap Book Girl  
From Scrap Book Girls

STAIN my trim!!....I will!!  I promise!!

July 21, 2014

Color Me Yellow

Just Sharing some photos of what has kept me away from my longarm "Suziebell"

My soul mate Gary rests.  He has an undying devotion and love for me,  his family and Lord.  An Awesome, soon to be retired ER RN!!
....I also found a wonderful bag pattern on Swoon Patterns, Coraline Clutch.  
Please check out the photo of her clutch below....I have not made it yet myself.

I am just thinking that it was named after two of our sweet Grandgals, Coralynn and Caroline, and to be found on an online site named after my favorite pattern.. .Swoon. That was too sweet, not to share it with you!!

I almost missed drying these!!


Hit by a Cheery Tree!!

I stain because I am!! summer 2014

Indiana Sunsets are ON Display!!

Coraline Clutch by Swoon Patterns......so far :)
 May your day be your favorite color..

 Let me know if you try the clutch pattern out and  how it works for you too.

             Quilted  Blessings!

July 20, 2014

Tell Me Why...

From She Can Quilt
Do you remember that song.....tell me why?.....I do.....and I want to know why I am drawn so completely to the modern look or straight line organic quilting and to the circles here?.....please go to her sight and check this out......She Can Quilt
And boy she sure can Quilt!!!
as I Stain away here at our cabin...it makes my day!!  Enjoy!!!  Blessings!!!

July 18, 2014

Go Fish!!

Did you play "Go Fish" when you were a kid or with kids you were babysitting, as much as I did?....
This is just too cute!!.....something that little grandboys would even had fun to make!! Awesome idea!!! Go Fish

and I even found a great free motion called  Fish Fins  with
Leah Day.....I love her name....we have a precious daughter with that same first name....Leah......

These Fish Quilt below were found on Pinterest , where so many Quilts have become eye candy.....my Inspiration to you for today.

Remember, every day is a "New Day" as Alex and Ricky always share!! Live today....not in the past.....in the Truth and the Real moments God is giving us!


Just ADORABLE!!  Quilted Blessings!!
  OPps....I just have to add this Echo Daisy
also today!!  How cute!!!!

July 17, 2014


From Moda Bake Shop
Hungry this morning!!  At the Moda Bake Shop   you can find this wonderfully good quilt to do....all the instructions are available for "consumption"....a Free Breakfast, so to speak.....
well,  I have to finish up the basement sorting today....and head to Lowes for Boxes....well, maybe reverse that...but anyways.....then stain again...its a "perfect" day to do that.....my goal......to get back to quilting sooooooon!!......Heading to make bacon.....this is certainly, a "getting more expensive everyday breakfast delight"......Over Easy.......
You Quilt while I can't!!....You rock my world by stopping by!!
Blessings Galore to you today!!

July 14, 2014

Flowering Snowball

Oh, My, At times we run across a new block...I did that today! Do I miss our long Winter?..NO!...the tutorial is wonderful, complete with templates available at Molly Flanders Makerie.  Now, that is a sweet name to go with the block!  Enjoy the blocks I found online, they are not mine! Some you will notice have a center square...I also threw in a signature quilt done in a new inspiring way!!
Pokadots and checks, how sweet!
 I have to get started on this block soooon, it will be calling my name  KAR!!
....you could just make them as you work on another block...until you have enough to make your desired size quilt.....is that called "multi-tasking"?  Moms do that so well along with Quilters and I must praise Nurses for doing that with an artful "touch" too        Quilteeeee Blessings from My stitched heart to yours! 


A great new idea for Signature Quilts!

Love the colors too!
No center block, love the black stitches!!

God Bless You Today!!

Paper Piecing Vintage BOM

This  video on paper piecing is very good.....it is in parts of instruction and free.....please enjoy it!
 I love to paper piece....I plan to do a Geek Glasses soon and also a Vintage Bike to make shams to go with the Grandteens Quilts I just made...Got to ship them soon!!

Please visit  Sew Hooked 
for the detailed instructions from size of needles to paper and so forth....

Also, you may want to Visit
Craftsy  for the pattern for the Sew Hooked BOM....it is sweet, don't you think?  

Quilted Blessings!!