July 6, 2015

Today Is a Good Day to have a Good Day!!

Born on the 4th of July?.....our Country was....yep....now to continue to protect it......and be thankful every day for the freedoms that we all hold close to our hearts......my husband's father was born on the 4th of July....but he never knew him.....he died when Gary was 2 years old.....but the imprint of his Daddy was on his being, even by age 2....we didn't know him but so much of who Gary has become find roots in that Father.....as our Nation's Roots are forever inbedded by the Father's of our Nation....we are forever grateful.
We received a few cute pics from the family per Iphone this weekend...so we will share these Jewels with you and some older ones.....and a place me miss but are happy to be in the warm South East in the Wintertime.....we are blessed.....and we dwell in Thankful hearts.
God bless you this week as you quilt.....we are finishing our kitchen  (Hoooooorath!!).....and  I will be working on  my Farmer's Wife Quilt....up to 73 out of 111 to complete.....one "acre" at a time.....all in pastels in honor of my Mom's love of the "light colors", she called them.
Enjoy the Pictures.....will also share my Cherry Street Quilt (cheeries) that I have on my longarm soon too....using Angela Walter's swirls and pebbles.....can't get enough of them lately.
Watching the 4th Parade.....Cora still loves her dolly and Mill Pill ended up with ear infection but recovering now.....

Caroline in a 4th of July Parade...you Rock CC

Working on Fencing here.....wooohoooo

Do Miss Our Swing in Cabin

Loved my Hat Hallway with my Gramp's Cap He wore in the Garden

Our Sweet Cabin that Gary the Builder BUILT!! 

Love and Blessings to You All....we have a new life here in South Carolina....it is good....it is warm in the Winter....and we are gaining ground on New friends.....Family is dear to us......

Quilted Blessings!!!   Wink!!

July 3, 2015

Pituitary Tumor Journey

Working at Camp, waiting for June4th Pituitary Tumor Surgery......yes, he had a Kidney Transplant in November!!

2013 Happy times, taking a Buckeye to IU Game

Yes, That is the Jefferson Memorial and LONG may it stand!! Wonderful Cherry Blossoms this year!!

Aiken in April.....Azaleas

Daughter's Precious Girls....giggles....

Kevin's Gals

More Church Camp Fun!!

Day 2.. Pituitary & Tumor removed.....AMAZING RECOVERY...Son Steve, donor of Kidney, doing well now too!!

Happy Family in ICU

Happy Mom and Dad in ICU!.....all relieved

July 1, 2015

I'll Cry if I Want Too.....

Yep, Tears come in life......Job had tons of them.....he had so much pain,
then in the end he had so much joy.....

My baby sister has always wanted a Job's Tear Quilt.....now she has it to sleep under.

I pieced it during the Long Winter in Indiana....using up all my scraps from a Fig Tree Quilt and Camille's fabrics....it was a cold winter outside,  but plenty of warm desire built into
my Quilt Tops that winter inside.....and one was Job's.  I enjoyed making it from start to finish.

So, Enjoy my Photos.....I forgot and did not get it on my white fencing that
Hub is building to accent our farm outside.....wha....so see.....tears...

But we were joyful to bless her with it.....Enjoy it Lori!!!
Pebbles and each TEAR  with an arch curve

Coming off my "Suziebell"

Just Fun to Quilt

The BACK    wink

Waiting to be boxed and mailed to baby sister Lori Ann

Thanks for Stopping by!!!

Quilted Blessings!!!  yes we are still in Renovation in our Kitchen...WINK!!

Lots of Photos!! Equals Two Quilts

The Phrase Time Flys is the only way I can look at the last few months.

Our only Grandson Andrew Graduated from High School.....one Happy Camper!

So, I made him a Soccer Quilt and a Collage Quilt.....he had so many photos to use
That it was very hard to decide.....so this Granny made two quilts~!!....
So, that was the month of May....here are a few family pictures....it was just a fun time!

.....we stayed an extra day after graduation so the kids we took
to Maryland could go to the beach for a day before we had to get everyone back to SC.

So, our son took us the Antietam for the day.  He is a huge history buff; actually he will graduate in the Spring with his BS in History....and so we had a great day with him....his wife had to work...as she is also finishing her Master's in Mental Health in the Spring also.
So, enjoy the photos of our Grandson's Graduation....he will staying in MD for now and attending a Community College as he ponders his future direction.
Kate and Andrew's Prom

Gramps and Grams!! Love this Young Man!

With Mom and Dad

His Smile Says is All!!

College in the Tree Shadows

Soccer Is His Life

Modern Log Cabin on Back of Collage

3 Grad down.....One to go!!.....You Rock!!
Have a blest day!!!.....next post....catch up on Spring and
my Sister's Job Tear's Quilt........

May 11, 2015

Dressing Downton

An Amazing Mom's Day.
I got to  meet up with  my sweet friend Amy from A Quilting Sheep yesterday.....what a wonderful treat on this special day.  We got to Biltmore at 9am and started our fairy tale day, ending it at the Biltmore House.


I am so glad to have Amy and Russ now as friends.  We have so much in common...quilting...of course...and now Biltmore.....and most of all Christ.

I can not even put in words what Biltmore is and who the Vanderbilt's are......the staff they have hired to work there are just AMAZING!!....it was just a wonderful day......wonderful....

Dressing Downton
Being a seamstress the Gowns, suits, etc  that were displayed took my breath away....just amazing....Dressing Downton is only there a couple more weeks....we had no idea it was going on....so that made it even more special.....our hubs hit it off and Amy and I hit it off and just felt like old friends all day long!!
Chatting.....laughing....sharing........awesome time.....

We are moving slow today...talking about our trip and blessings of yesterday.....please go if you ever get a chance...it is worth the "drive", for sure.  Please purchase the Audio tour if you can.....it brings it all to life.

And we do thank the Vanderbilt's for saving this Estate and deciding to share it  so freely with us.

Quilted blessings!!!

I have my longarm up and have started Andrews first Graduation Quilt.  He was working on a crab boat yesterday....a new job he found in Maryland for the summer....now, he has his adventures starting already......

Blest Blest Blest   as we say in the South......You Be Blest today!!

May 9, 2015

Mom's Day

I wanted to check in with my blog.  We have been so busy
Our kids

Bob and Avy
working on our wrap porch, planting trees and flower, weeding
and I was preparing two quilts for our Grandson Andrew's Graduation
at the end of the month.....So!! my Suziebell takes up 1/3 of our living space
right now...and I am started.
Heading to meet up with a friend tomorrow in NC....so excited....they
chose Biltmore to meet at!!....we are both excited to meet each other
and hug and talk talk talk1!....oh yes, our hubs will be with us!! and it
being Mom's Day, it should be a very special day for both of us.
Enjoy my update.....more coming.......    A Girl has to do what a Girl's gotta do!!......

This may speed up the addition going out the back!!....the windows will be our doorway then.......

 Blessings Galore.....hope your day is special....and if your Mom is still living; really...take time to be with her....I miss mine still these 10 years passed.....