May 30, 2016

Blessings on This Memorail Day

Here is it Memorial Day again.  What are your plans?
I thank God for my Veteran Hub who served in the VietNam War.
Our first child, Leah, was born while he was gone....a long year....and
I am grateful for all Military Soldiers and Sailors.  Our oldest son served
in the Marine Reserve and then active Army for 11 year.  Our oldest
Granddaughter, his daughter, is now serving in the Navy...getting
her training now.
Rejoice in our freedom...our ability to serve God and Man.....and to
get up each morning to decide how to use that I am working on my last block
row of Jane baby....then my triangle border....and my hub and Grandgal that
is staying with us for now are going to start putting in more fence posts to
board self care horses in;  Lord willing.

Blessings to day in whatever you may be doing or where ever you may
be going!!.....Yes, i am still with my sciatica but on a good cream and predisone hubs heel is still it goes!!  we are thankful anyways!!

Enjoy Angela.....I ALWAYS do!!!

Quilted Blessings today!!  Thanks for stopping by!

May 22, 2016

So Easy So Pretty

So easy but so pretty! Found a great tutorial to share  at
We All Sew... 
Just something to enjoy today.  I am thinking about you
All You Quilters.  I am progressing on my Jane Baby.
2 more rows of blocks and then the sides and bottom
Triangles.  I think they are fun...challenging, but fun.
That Quilt has a paper pieced sew along too.

Lots of FUN!!......
Here is my Jane Baby so with words...since
at one point in nursing
I did do OB...there is NO
Gain without birth

so to birth a Dear Jane
I am certainly in sciatica
pain with combine
the two memories and 
wha is Jane Baby
for me.
Yes, I am woking through sciatica with my Jane Blccks.....
 A quilter has to do what a Quilter Has TO DO!!......QUILT!!
My Depression Era Farmer's Wife in a shop in Iowa....

WE HOPE IT sells many Farmer's Wife Books!!

May 18, 2016

Moments in Photos

I wanted to share some photos of the last few months events, including
my Dear Jane progress...I am starting Row K today....I like the letter K.  heehee
Then from January on we completed our kitchen and redid our bathroom.We
are in the process of putting up a greenhouse, funded with a grant.
Getting our sandy soil richer in nutrients through composts.
Quilting as I can stand it.
Seeing our family complete degrees and gradations.
Just rejoice with us in our photos I share....
Love my New shelves at end of snack bar.

Love the New Shower head

Handy Dandy glass shelf too

Our Two Grads in Md in BIG Storm this winter

New Bath with Bead Board....LOVE IT!

Our Son who had a Transplant....Last Day in Grad Prog

Greatest Happiest Selfie EVER!!

New Sailor with Proud Parents

Our Master's Journey with Family

Progress of my Jane BAby

Love the triangle borders on Jane

Progress on last row to quilt yet

Our first Greenhouse....FUN!!

Our roses on Mother's Day

Roses from family on Mom's Day....smelled so good!

Thanks for stopping by!! say a MILLION WORDS!!.....blessed Mom's Day Weekend this year........WOW!!.......  Hugs to all and may your stitches be from your heart......

May 17, 2016

Cabin Fever am so sorry, I have been very neglectful.....I have good
reason.....Mainly the past 3 months I have suffered from sciatica....I had
no idea what that meant...NOW I DO....I must encourage you as a quilter, to exercise
regularly.....and stretch those muscles....or they may tighten up as mine has done.
I have sleepless, pain filled nights....I have tried muscle massage with DEEP
massage; yes, painful too.  I am going to a acupuncturist now...and that seems
to be getting some things taken care of....Plus my blood sugars were too high with
the stress I have been under and so with her and my Holistic MD I feel blessed
to see my sugar numbers coming down and with time I will conquer this
affect of the sciatic nerve inflammation.  It travels from your foot up both legs,
and then up the it is a LONG process and never the same for any person.
I am not quilting as much.
I had started my Dear Jane before this all yes, NO PAIN -NO JANE
I truly did not have to be literal about it.  But I know that God has a purpose in ALL things.
I am on Row K though, so I have done it one square at a time.  Not sitting long, as
that bothers my hip, even with cushions and specially made ones.
I have tried every cream I can find and some help and some don't....My hub has
massaged my hips and thighs and legs and also vibration helps.  Even sitting on
tennis balls is now helping spread open that big piriformis muscle that the sciatic
nerve travels through or under or around....depends on the person too.
COMPLICATED....yes, healing can be....but It is better.  I just have not had sleep
for 3 months and that is taking a I will share pictures of our family and their the next post
...Our son that had a kidney transplant in November of 14 from this old brother; and then he had his pituitary removed  6 months later :graduated from IU with his Masters in Informatics....A HAPPY HAPPY MAN and family.  At the same time he was graduating, our oldest Granddaughter was at the Great Lakes Navy graduation as a Seaman....going to go into Sonar.....very busy happy weekend on Mother's Day weekend,  no less. 
Our oldest Son graduated with his BS in History; completed online over a few years time.  His wife completed her Master's also in Mental Health Counselling with those suffering with addictions
.....can she help Quilters like me?....heehee,  I doubt it.
I will close this post and on the next one I will add the photos of our busy busy family.  We were unable to travel to any graduation since traveling aggravates my you see,  we have to conquer this Physical set back soon!!!.....
Thanks for stopping by!....God Bless You!!!

January 23, 2016

Catching Up

Farmer's Wife Depression Era Sampler

A Friend of a Friend's Quilt

Surprise Grandkids Visit At Christmas


Not sure where the time has gone since went into my 2nd Farmer's Wife Quilt, this time the Depression Era one. Then 2 children's small quilts....two in fairies and one in swans.A friend of a friend needed a quilt done up that she had spent 12 yeas

In Between Times Hub went on a 12 week Contract of ER nursing in he was gone 3 days a our sweet Shiloh 14 yrs old Golden has cancer.(it is contained) we were nursing her with dressing changes on a tumor we were nursing.....she is  up walking now.....even almost trotting..she and Sunny are totally pals....
So add that stress into the fall and beginning of winter....

Quite a it is up north this weekend....our son lives in DC area....they have dug out their parking areas 2 times today.....worn out!....and still snowing....
Linda's Swooon
Pal's Forever Everything giving THANKS!!!......


Since New Years I have made 2 Swoon Quilts, done in French General Noel fabrics.......
very pretty.....
One is on Suziebell now, getting Quilted......and know you have to
have 2 projects going, atleast, so I started a Log Cabin in 1 1/2 inch jelly strips by
Fig Tree.....decided to use red centers from the scraps of Noel......

Right now I have Monopoly Invisible Thread breaking I ordered
more Kitchen Done!!
Sulky Invisible says it does not I am hoping!!......

Enjoy my photos....not in any certain order....since it is a Catch Up kind of
SCRAPPY DAY!!........

RENOVATION CONTINUES.....bathroom next.......drama!!!

God Blessings!!  Quilted........

September 16, 2015

I Love Lucy

Ok, So I admit it.....I have always loved Lucy.....
Thought I would share this little clip of her "sewing".....

I am working on the 1930 FW Quilt now.....on block 34 of 99 total to do
I am enjoying using my First Farmer's Wife Every day.....
Don't be afraid to start one.....jump in cause the water is "fine"......
Farmer's Wife

Farmer's Wife 1930 Sampler
Have a blest day!!

September 11, 2015


First of all, another fabric store online is is sad to see them go but she is stating she needs for time with her here is her link; with fabric at 6$ a yard.  Catches me at a not so good to buy fabric time, but for you, it may be a blessing you very much needed. The LIttle Fabric Shop

Floors are work, yepper; just sayin'.....taking out the old, putting down the
new....even my friends are in on it too in their homes.....Iowa
friend has buffed old to new floors with painted walls,beautiful....yey!
and Denver friend has all her hardwoods rebuffed and varnished too,
Way to Go Girls!!!

We decided to put in a floating tiles in the kitchen
Swoons make all things Great!
are drying now with some added weight of osb to make sure
the glue dries and tiles do not move....just sayin' assuarance.

Meanwhile....our Chickens get in on "selfies",this is my hubs
Pet Chicken....wants to be held .....

Started my FW Sampler..1930's..LOVIN" IT!!! They are
such sweet blocks from her newest book... very NICE and
easy paper is wonderful how the patterns do fit and
work together well....YEY!!   25 done.....74 to go.....whooosh!

I am so glad God is not finished with me yet!!.....and as I work
on quilts I am reminded by my Denver "sister" that all the mess ups
of our lives are pieces that God uses in His Masterpiece of our very
journey that He has allowed to work into a perfect piece of His Art ....

Like a Quilter, I would say!!  a Perfect "for sure and certain" Quilter!..

Enjoy my photos.......Fall is almost here.....are you ready as we are.?......
we are done with 90 plus temps for awhile!!........Quilted Hugs!!

Good Bye Old Flooring


Just Love the New Floating Floor

Iowa Friend's Summer Work


I know she is saying AH!!!

Random....curly Sweet Potatoe

As We Work.....Goldens patienet as usual....Frizbee?......just sayin'

Yep, I started it!

up to 25 done of 99    AH!!!

Summer Smiles from SC Farm Renovation