August 29, 2015

Farmer's Wife Seed Company

Farmer's Wife Quilted as an Family Heirloom
As usual, we are busy on our renovation and as usual I add Quilting
in the Mix....the Seed Package!!  Farmer's Wife.....Oh, what a 5 month
journey....learned to LOVE paper piecing with the 90 blocks.

I enjoyed quilting it too. Every Block is Quilted Differently....every other has a feathered edge....

My Mom, born in 1916, LOVED Pastels, Memory For Her Times

I just love these two Quilts!!

Then we REALLY needed to move my Suziebell into the back
bedroom where I have set up my sewing!! she needed

Making Progress

Steel Surgery
.....ok, so,  my Hub and I are nurses.....anyways, my brilliant
Hub put his tools together and away he sawed....yep.....with sparks
at times. Don't worry, they were fine, no harm done.....then he used his Reciprocating
Saw!! worked.
 It took him 2 days to cut and weld and fix things
together....she was a 14; now she is a 10 1/2. Hey, in any "women's" book that
is a nice change!!  and she fits my Sewing Cave.....  HURAAH!!
Sweet!!! is very sweet!!!

Enjoy my photo journey........

Next post?....sure, our new floors in and starting the 1930 FW Sampler...

3 done so far...99 needed......

The only cure for a Quilter like me is ....... more quilting.....therapy.....!!

August 13, 2015


Chicken "Selfie"...just sayin'

It is HOT HERE!!!
 Life is Good; Down On The.... FARM!!!
Nice After Noon Nap with myBFF!!

Grandgal has a IPOD, now I get sweet texts!

Loving the grey!

New Swing Plan!!

Yep, the Best for last...tomorrow FW post
Quilting Blessings EVERYONE!!
Thanks for stoppin' by!! 

July 20, 2015

We Have A Candidate

Our Grand Gals.....xxoo
We have a Candidate for President!! have to enjoy and smile a bit
with this photo of our youngest Grandies as they went to Washington this

HOLD ON!!! Sweet Caroline is COMING!!
These photos say it all!!!.....Run Girls Run!!!.......We need you!!!!

So, now.....on to my Farming....I am at 78 acres and need 104!! gee whiz I had to order
my fabric from Etsy!!.
Pam Kitty

Lecien Old New 30's

Tanya Walen
So, there you are....fuzzy pics but Strawberry Blossoms Merchantile  won't mind....she has alot of sweet fabric on Etsy that I used on this Farmer's Sampler...I am using small small scraps of my previous purchase of fat quarters so!!!.....had to "water" my fields!!!
Now you have a hint of what my FW is all I said, to honor my Mom's love of pastels..and her growing up years during the time that Farmer's Wife Magazine was turned into the Farm Journal in 1939....and we also had that coming to our homes where ever we lived as my Gramps came to visit us and he enjoyed that publication from cover to cover and over and over too.....
SO!!.....there is hope.....we have 9 Grandkids to prove it!! 
Gotta get a few more acres plowed.....excited to see the furrows almost plowed up!!.......we will be ready to "plant" soon.....

July 17, 2015


Surprises are always fun!!
I got one today....a bunch of Iphones of our Grandkids on a special outing.
They are all very excited to be together and see our nation's monuments.
We were there in the Spring during Cherry Blossoms....they will be
walking all over the area too and having very special memories.  We just could
not swing another trip as we have had several along with our move here in the fall.
So, I think our family is pretty handsome!! beautiful!! gorgeous!!

One of my sister's died 6 years ago from a fast growing cancer.  Her oldest girl married last August
and just gave birth to their first child this past week.  A beautiful baby girl....the parents are elated I am sure and I know my niece is missing her Mom too....They gave the baby my sister's middle name Jo as her middle name it is her new Mom's middle name too....
Then we have 4 Joannes in our family and one Joanna through marriages....pretty sweet name, I would say.....
Rambling?.....well, painting all day and scrubbing vinyl in this HOT SE heat will get you going !!
My hub also gave me a surprise.  I had painted Barn Quilts in Indiana last year.  I LOVED doing we brought a few with us and left a few on our cabin there also.  This one is my favorite Swoon Pattern....I was under the porch roof, scrubbing and then painting....he was up there just putting up my surprise..I had no idea.....I FINALLY spotted it as he asked me if I had seen the blue on the roof fascia....I went into the side yard and there it was!!!  he could not wait any longer for me to see it!! haha  Sweet Hub!!!
Enjoy the pictures....I will be quiet now......seriously!!!    Quilted Hugs!!


Our son the Born History Teacher

She Loves to go Antiquing

Our Sweet Youngest Peanuts!!

Andrew watching over the gang!

Sweet New Baby!! Happy New Mom
Blessings Y'All!!
Be safe.....Love your Neighbor As Yourself....

July 13, 2015

Cherry Street Quilt

Swirls and Pebbles......541 Cherry Street Quilt
Working on the Chain Gang  (lalala song)
....No, not really! but we are busy finishing the
Farm would love one!!
kitchen area....yep, bead the look of it....subway tiles....marble on
the is all looking good....we are being as frugal as we can
and still letting it look nice.  My hub is a sweeeeet man....the next job is
putting the 43 boxes of flooring on....wooo hooo!!....
I told a friend it is a very good thing we started our big cabin in Indiana 12 years ago
when we were young at 53!! living south we have slowed down to the
heat too this summer...we are inside now....hoping the cooler 90 temps returns
Ceilings, Ceilings
so we can finish up our pretty side porch!! will.....
Even the local SC folks we talk to say this is a VERY HOT spell even for SC!!.
So, in some ways that helped.
Enjoy my 541 Cherry Street Quilt, pattern is from Fig Tree....I named it
after the address where I grew up and my sweet hub came and dated me
through high school!!....Walking me home in 9th grade with his red bike to ride home
A mile away at the Farm....sweet memories stitched in this quilt for sure!!
Quilted Hugs.

Off the was fun to do!!

My hub now loves Beadboard.....finishing it soon.....we hope 

God Bless you for stopping by! Praying you summer is Quilted and Safe.

July 8, 2015


Do you have a muffin?.....unfortunately I do!! tummy muffin!!
 .. it came..

Now, I think there is an answer......discovering more knowledge about
the danger of our body and mind as we age.....yep, we all are!!
She says it better than I ever could.....
Our Friend,   Mdm Samm  has again come to our rescue and aide.Visit her blog about her new Muffin Mix....her article today is just "point on"!!

Please check it out.  I have baked them and ate them....very satisfying....and filling....please drink water with them as she suggests.  Thank you again Mdm Samm.

I also found a cute pattern for a muffin on Pinterest today.
Enjoy!! Enjoy your day.......look at the work have Joy you have to be En it?.....
ok...I will quit.......and with the L in Quit it turns to Quilt....L is for Love!!

July 6, 2015

Today Is a Good Day to have a Good Day!!

Born on the 4th of July?.....our Country to continue to protect it......and be thankful every day for the freedoms that we all hold close to our husband's father was born on the 4th of July....but he never knew him.....he died when Gary was 2 years old.....but the imprint of his Daddy was on his being, even by age 2....we didn't know him but so much of who Gary has become find roots in that our Nation's Roots are forever inbedded by the Father's of our Nation....we are forever grateful.
We received a few cute pics from the family per Iphone this we will share these Jewels with you and some older ones.....and a place me miss but are happy to be in the warm South East in the Wintertime.....we are blessed.....and we dwell in Thankful hearts.
God bless you this week as you quilt.....we are finishing our kitchen  (Hoooooorath!!).....and  I will be working on  my Farmer's Wife Quilt....up to 73 out of 111 to "acre" at a time.....all in pastels in honor of my Mom's love of the "light colors", she called them.
Enjoy the Pictures.....will also share my Cherry Street Quilt (cheeries) that I have on my longarm soon too....using Angela Walter's swirls and pebbles.....can't get enough of them lately.
Watching the 4th Parade.....Cora still loves her dolly and Mill Pill ended up with ear infection but recovering now.....

Caroline in a 4th of July Rock CC

Working on Fencing here.....wooohoooo

Do Miss Our Swing in Cabin

Loved my Hat Hallway with my Gramp's Cap He wore in the Garden

Our Sweet Cabin that Gary the Builder BUILT!! 

Love and Blessings to You All....we have a new life here in South is is warm in the Winter....and we are gaining ground on New friends.....Family is dear to us......

Quilted Blessings!!!   Wink!!