October 27, 2016

American Jane

Life, Living Goes on!

When we were young, I thought we would always be young....it was
just the way I thought then....now, Live and Living are proving to bring
age....changes in your body that you did not know was happening.....
but they were....taking toll....and so, here we are....Living Life; maybe in
a slower lane but with more respect for the sweet folks that have gone before
us....their aches, their slower movements but with determination they were content
and lived life fully as they knew how.

So, with that, I am now dropped off at Walmart and shopping with my
sweet Hub.... so I can watch my steps and hope that my legs do not give out.
They did give out yesterday going down the stairs on the back and front of our
little cottage..just collapsed....so I am careful, for sure now.  PT starts this coming

American Jane

 My sweet friends' daughter new baby....fragile at 31 weeks.
Our Millie Vet and Cora Doggie
Her Baby Millie

Have a blest day!!

October 20, 2016

Rock N Roll

Two swoons for Two Special Girls
A beautiful fall day in SC.  A good day to have a good day......
A great day to take Quilt photos....Swoons for my "gals"....for our daughter and
her BF in High School.  So many, many great memories with those gals,
now busy Moms of girls....High school, Middle School ages....5 of them.



My Gals Swoons

Leah's Backing 1850's Reproduction

Linda's Backing 1830's Reproduction



October 8, 2016

Did You Hoolahoop?

Did you ever hoolahoop?......Hours and Hours?....Me TWO!!!

Hurricane Matthew had mercy.....it had some tough areas and yes, there
was damage but no where what could have been experienced in the US I am glad
people did go to higher ground and wait it out.....most people did.
We had rain here  and gusty winds....lost a small artificial pear tree....some other
branches. Nothing, really.

We do pray for Haiti.....and the Islands....

I am still suffering with sciatica and was up soaking at 130 am to relax my
now very weary leg muscles.  It was raining hard on the metal roof and with
the bathroom window open a bit, I truly relaxed with the sound.
As life has it's experiences for us on our journey, I will see a Neurologist this
Thursday to inspect my decreasing reflexes in the legs and the muscle exhaustion.
I suppose that means an MRI.I just heard there is a vertical MRI being done in Illinois now.  Pretty cool!!
  I am just ready to have no pain, or less pain.
I was blessed last night though with NO hip pain during the night...but my legs
kicked in and gave their amount of pain in instead.
Come swing with me!

So, I have not longarmed on Suziebell for over a week now or pieced any fabric together.  My Hub knows I am sick if I am not on a project, or two.

Where did the mojo go?

I did paint our swing and we got it back on the porch...I LOVE the aqua color!!
It took me two days to get it done.  We are going to paint the porch soon....as it dries out now.  I can work 20 minutes at a time to not over exhaust my muscles and then
pay for it after midnight.

It all could be worse. I know that... I have experience as a Hospice Nurse and also an OB
nurse...so, no, my level is on a low bar, comparing.
Those were the days!!
Don't you miss the hoolahoop!!....Maybe that is what I need to do when I am healed from what is bugging me now....
God bless you today....and if you are in the area of the Hurricanes path, we pray you
are safe and doing well.

Give Angela Walters Paisly Feathers a try.....I LOVE Angela.......

October 3, 2016

American Jane

She is DONE!!!  YEY!!.....all feathered up!!....

Just Fun
New Aqua Baby
Since it is October in SC and temps are FINALLY in the 80's in the daytime...we are painting.....repainted my poor swing to aqua....Hub finished some more fence.....Life at
Shiloh Farms keeps rockin!!.......

Horses.....yep....Iris.....our first paying boarder.....sweet!!
Spy the Horse  Lnne



 Psalms 94:1   God loves You and Me.....

September 26, 2016

Time Past

1800 foundation
.....Hub had uncovered an OLD 1800 foundatio
of a shed or barn on our land.  News was that there was an old trail through our place heading toward Columbia, SC.  That makes sense, as I20 runs near by to that area from Augusta, Ga.....so!.....History.....plus the
steps to an old cabin that did stand here, but the previous owners goats ate the cabin.....yep, no lie...that is what we were told......

cabin steps

Old trail area

Hubs Bushhog results....awesome clearing
American Jane
I am still working on American Jane.....I have one more row and the bottom borders.....thinking of doing a praire point edge on this one.......

I am trying to gain some strength back to my legs again.  I had no
idea sciatica could be so perplexing; as you want to build up yourself
but the activity aggravates the nerve and you pay for it at night.....but
we are going to push forward as much as we can daily and see that
I can do the normal things like .... take a walk!.....

Yes, I do quilt....20 minutes at a time....

My sweet friend near Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Cedar Rapids Iowa.....flooding
Flood again.....last major flood was 2008 and this one is also
approaching those levels.  Not quite but close......our hearts go out to them. They
are more prepared this time than in the previous flood....

Praying no one looses their homes...or lives......

September 24, 2016

Finish Binding

A good video on finishing the binding on a Quilt.......

Let's Weave It!!

Have a great weekend!  
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September 22, 2016

Three More.....


Thankyou Cindy Needham for Template
 I love American Jane Fabric.....so fun....this was just a layer cake quilt....all schooly...all cute....and Cindy Needhams new template is just great....it comes in several sizes for different blocks....do what you want inside the chalked lines....just like school use to be like....

Three more rows....it is a big, big Queen size....not sure why I made it so big....I was snowbound in our cabin in Indiana is all I can say, a couple years ago......for weeks.....   Yes, I truly had Cabin Fever.

Hub is putting a cover over our well compartment outside.......anyways, this gal was inside
the cover to greet him..... it is gone now, he is not sure where it went....if you do get a bite, go to the ER.....it is nothing to mess with at home.....wash it....put antibiotic cream on it if it is handy and head out!!..............
Black widow

Be safe Dear Friends....Psalms 94:1    We love Charlotte  NC in SC.....our prayers are with all in these unsettled times.

Happy Quilting.....