May 11, 2015

Dressing Downton

An Amazing Mom's Day.
I got to  meet up with  my sweet friend Amy from A Quilting Sheep yesterday.....what a wonderful treat on this special day.  We got to Biltmore at 9am and started our fairy tale day, ending it at the Biltmore House.


I am so glad to have Amy and Russ now as friends.  We have so much in common...quilting...of course...and now Biltmore.....and most of all Christ.

I can not even put in words what Biltmore is and who the Vanderbilt's are......the staff they have hired to work there are just AMAZING!! was just a wonderful day......wonderful....

Dressing Downton
Being a seamstress the Gowns, suits, etc  that were displayed took my breath away....just amazing....Dressing Downton is only there a couple more weeks....we had no idea it was going that made it even more special.....our hubs hit it off and Amy and I hit it off and just felt like old friends all day long!!
Chatting.....laughing....sharing........awesome time.....

We are moving slow today...talking about our trip and blessings of yesterday.....please go if you ever get a is worth the "drive", for sure.  Please purchase the Audio tour if you brings it all to life.

And we do thank the Vanderbilt's for saving this Estate and deciding to share it  so freely with us.

Quilted blessings!!!

I have my longarm up and have started Andrews first Graduation Quilt.  He was working on a crab boat yesterday....a new job he found in Maryland for the, he has his adventures starting already......

Blest Blest Blest   as we say in the South......You Be Blest today!!

May 9, 2015

Mom's Day

I wanted to check in with my blog.  We have been so busy
Our kids

Bob and Avy
working on our wrap porch, planting trees and flower, weeding
and I was preparing two quilts for our Grandson Andrew's Graduation
at the end of the month.....So!! my Suziebell takes up 1/3 of our living space
right now...and I am started.
Heading to meet up with a friend tomorrow in excited....they
chose Biltmore to meet at!!....we are both excited to meet each other
and hug and talk talk talk1!....oh yes, our hubs will be with us!! and it
being Mom's Day, it should be a very special day for both of us.
Enjoy my update.....more coming.......    A Girl has to do what a Girl's gotta do!!......

This may speed up the addition going out the back!!....the windows will be our doorway then.......

 Blessings Galore.....hope your day is special....and if your Mom is still living; really...take time to be with her....I miss mine still these 10 years passed.....

April 19, 2015

Another Farmer's Wife.....wooohooo

The SCOOP!!.....
The Farmer's Wife Quilt Blog

This will happen in JUNE 2015; you can pre order it now on Amazon and also start or finish
collecting your 30's fabrics for the quilt now....there are 99 blocks and 99 letters to go with them..I
am seriously praying SOMEONE then gets her permission to make us paper piecing patterns for them
As this has helped me tremendously on my Farmer's Wife I am presently working; by joining the FW group on yahoo.  The paper piecing available there is awesome....I am now on the 54th block of the 111 needed to finish that quilt.  I am doing it in soft pastels in honor of my Quilting Mom Abby....she also made reproduction porcelain dolls for years.....miss her!!!
Take a breath Karen!

So! that is the scoop from A Quilting Sheep.  My sweet friend Amy!!.......enjoy her eye candy!!.....

BLESSINGS!! Quilted, of course!

April 12, 2015


Starting the day with continuing thoughts of Quilts....what else?

I am working on my Farmer's Wife Quilting  .
Random:  This Farmer's Wife is missing Millie
  It is an ongoing "love" affair!!

I am up to the 45th block of 111 to finish it up all the way......

I came across this link to Dear Jane  at Craftsy....they have the best classes ever!!

Dear Jane

I have three DJ's started at the same time....and must get back to them!!

Andrew and Gramps
But for now, Andrews Graduation Photo Quilt.......up Memory Lane!!

Have a blessed day.....truly find your joy and peace!!

April 6, 2015

Snap Shots of Sunshine

Sunshine feels good this time of year, doesn't it?
It makes my day!!
It makes my Spring day!

Fat Quarters Quilt Along......sounds like so much fun......and add some Sun to your life!!

Cupcakes 'n' Daisies

Thought I would add these links as I get BUSY BUSY on the Graduation Photo Quilt for Andrew...May 29th is his Big Day!!

Truly, have a blest day and thanks for stopping by.....if I can ever help you with anything, just let me know! 

March 15, 2015

Take The Time

I am busy "farming" on my FW quilt.....up to 34.....let's hear a YEY!!
Also, just do yourself a favor, girlfriend, and link on over to Amy Smart at Diary of a Quilter
and enjoy your tutorial on a bag that ends ALL bag
looks to me as a perfect bag that can be done up in different fabrics
for different needs from going to the beach (yey, we are now just a couple
hours from the Atlantic "beach"....just sayin).....or groceries or going
to the quilt shows or guilds.....OR!!!......
Just grab it and grow!!....oops.....GO!!!......
Diary of a Quilter Tutorial
Quilted Blessings!!  Heading to do maybe up to 40 FW blocks after today....
haha.....just kidding......maybe up to 36!.......

March 10, 2015

Feeling Scrappy?

In a hurry today to get back to my quilt room so I can SEW on my "farm"
my Farmer's Wife Quilt....I did 2 blocks yesterday...
We planted 2 Asian Pear Trees and 2 Sour Cherry Trees this morning; they
were added to our orchard that has apples and peaches in it already and
Blueberry bushes.
It is just going to be fun to see it all come together and in a couple years really give us their
So, now I can get sewing.........
Please take a trip to this blog.....She Can Quilt  and maybe get involved with the Scrap Journey. Her
badge is on the side bar.......what are your scrappy UFO's or already finished projects or are they still in the creative mode?........
Her Badge

Have a Great Quilted Kind of Day!  Blessings!!