April 10, 2014

Aviatrix Medallion

Have you ever done a Quilt Along?  I have seen many to do and they look wonderful.  I have started my Farmers' Wife on Craftsy.com by deciding what fabrics to use but I have not started yet.
 Why?.....well, 3 Whiskers kids Quilts....curtain, valance, and a cleaned up basement, quilt shop and sewing area....! plus I have longarming to do.....excuses?...maybe!!...but busy is the word, regardless.
 So, my new sweet friend, Amy who now seems like a "sister" to me is doing the  Aviatrix Medallion Quilt Along and so, when I saw that quilt and all the Kona Solids I knew it was in my future.
My soooon future!
  So, I found a good buy for them at Fabric Shack and I am good to go!!.....May 1st is when we leave the "starting gate'....and I am excited!......   Don't Worry, Bee Happy!! ..... and Quilt!!  Blessings!!!

And Thanks again Amy for doing all the work on my new "look" on my blog!! 

April 7, 2014

Quilted JOY

I am so busy right now making new "dressings" for my windows
in the Great Room and Kitchen area.....Scarves, valances and
Tiers....I LOVE to dress windows....2nd to Quilting....
I decided to take a Quilting break before I dive into my Farmers'Wife Sampler.
Sad to say, when I took my CD out of the sleeve it was in 3 pieces.....Did
I just hear you say OH NO!!....that is what I said....it probably was damaged
in our move back to the cabin...OH WELL!!  Fortunately, I had joined
the monthly Farmers' Wife Sampler class on Craftsy....and I decided my
colors last night.

SEW!!!.....yep! that is what we do and lots of it here at my cabin.

Please enjoy this video from Quilted Joy....I love that gal....a single Mommy
with triplets has a longarming business.....if she can, we can ,right?.....
So, I advertised in our local paper starting on Saturday for 2 weeks for
Quilts To Longarm....  is that Pikes Peak or Bust kind of thing?   I am thinkin' so!.....

Oh, forgot to mention if you are wondering how to dressup your kitchen window and you
love vintage like I do.....go to Amazon....they have great vintage reproduction towels.....and
I found 4 feed sacs....(chicken feed ones)....to hang on a clothes line above my sink with, of course, the old fashioned clothes pins!!....

are you drinking java?......I am!!  Enjoy the film and get inspired!!

March 19, 2014


Hi Everyone!
                                                I know you are as busy as I am.....anticipation high with Spring surely around that "corner"....even the calendar says It Is SO!!.
Please humor me......we all had a long hard winter....so let us enjoy the Ribbons , with the free download.  Having 8 Grandgals
make Ribbons always popular here!

Did I say the Robbins are back too?

Have a  blessed day!!.....I am working on
my April Showers Quilt Blocks....just finished the Fig Tree House Quilt top....
Photos soon!    Quilted Blessings!!

March 11, 2014

Luck of the Irish

Whiskers for some little girls....I am thinkin' the kitty should be shades of green too.....

Notre Dame is home at South Bend, Indiana. The love of the Irish is thick there!! It is a lovely campus and just north of where we live.
 So, if you are there during St Pats' Day you will see everything Green.  For them I add this Delicious looking cake and really sweet idea for that celebration.  I will have to find a gluten free recipe to use but, the idea of layering greens MUST be connected to my Love of Quilting....and color combinations in all that I see and enjoy.  So, have fun and go ahead, spoil yourself even if you just make the recipe into cupcakes; lets just Color IT Green!! at  Cupcakes and Cashmere    you just have to love the title of the blog too!!   Today I am making a Whiskers Quilt for 2 sweet grandgals to help celebrate the younger ones' 5th birthday and her American Girl she chose (I have always gotten each grandgal one )   Isabelle ....  the doll of the year....a dancer....just like our dancing Millie pod. 

Oh, current Spring sightings include geese on the frozen pond and flocks of robins enjoying a few area of "green" grass area.  Hey that is something really to celebrate....yep, I know, please don't rub it in we get up to 8 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow with wind....we JUST got my bug up and out the lane yesterday....yes, we will park out by the road tonight.....sigh!!!.....it must be what we need or God would not provide it!  May you  have green blessings the rest of this month of March....Spring is in 9 days...but hey, how is counting?  ......  Blessings Always!

March 8, 2014

The Hunt

Hexie Heaven
I started to cut my "braid" and since I don't have the plastic tool that Quilty is using...and I am not running out today to get one.  I got "on the Hunt" online; figuring  if I could find a 1 1/2 hexagon pattern to print than I can cut it in half and that should work for this precious braid that she made on my last post.

Had to share my "find"...

 Naturally, as all good quilter/bloggers addicts, such as I "may" be, I found  another great link to have in my blog library for "later'......a crochet hexagon afagan!!....it is just too sweet.....so, please enjoy her work at  Bunny Mummy, complete with a tutorial. Blessings!!

Pretty and Playful

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  We are seeing snow flakes but, NOT to worry, they will not get us caught in their "drift," if you know what I mean!
 Today I am finishing up doing my Jobs Tears; while on a search for a border idea, I found an awesome tutorial on a braided one with Quilty and so I plan now to use the fabric from the Tears into the border; I think it will be a nice combination...also to remind me that there is a truth God wants us to hug tightly,  that if we have His Three cords in our life of faith, it can not easily be broken.

 I thought with Jobs Tears the Cord would be something to remind us to trust Him always.

 Then, since we all want Spring ASAP I am posting a link to a new book Playful Petals  by Corey Yoder....just gorgeous patterns to try out!  I am also reading a series by Cindy Woodsmall on the Amish and an Apple Orchard....so her name caught my eye,great Amish name.....

 Have a blessed Quilted kind of day!

Our son?....doing excellent....it has been a week already since his surgery.....next news we hope is an idea of when the transplant may occur; thanks for prayers. 

March 5, 2014


Lori Holts Tutorial
I think I just made a new word up but in the Quilters' World... SPOOLING :)
....a Spool Quilt.....Gotta have one.....so I have to make one....right after Jobs'Tears!!....I usually tear up when I laugh hard, don't you?
...actually, I have been known to have to pull over while driving if our group in the vehicle get me laughing...my eyes close and tears come and it is a "mess"....but a fun mess.....I won't tell you my experience with laughter while driving through Atlanta...I am sure that my sweet passengers have tried to forget that trip too!!
Ok, so onto the Spool News of the Day.....Lori Holt, yep, she is at it again! and again!!...love that gal!!...she has a tutorial......  There is also a class with Joanna Figueroa  on Craftsy, I did purchase this class and love all her ideas and arrangements of Old quilt patterns with fresh new ideas and her fabric is just gorgeous on any quilt block!....
These two spool quilts have two totally different looks....I am bending toward Joannas' myself.....
  So, just know as the old song goes...."Big girls don't Cry"....Beach Boys....... or "It's My Party and I'll Cry if I want too, Cry if I want too......you would cry too if it happened to You".....opps....just dated myself!!......really, laugh alot.....and cry with laughter if you want....be encouraged today.....I am counting my blessings....you are certainly one of them!


I must add the Sew We Quilt  blog HOP on RUFFLES...you must visit for several days to see all the goooood things! Love that Madam Samm !

Now I have to admit I have to be good and count SNOW AGAIN as a blessing....yep, it is snowing...the Goldens just came in with snow on their backs....big fluffy flakes, the kind you love at Christmas....have you seen the pictures of Niagra Falls?....frozen....with colored light under the snow....can I say More?....you bet! now you stop laughing! I know I am Gabby.....but I shut up when Quilting.....so!!  ....Quilted Hugs!!!