August 22, 2016

Dear Jane

Now this is the sure way to do a Dear Jane or a Farmer's Wife Quilt.....

Jane Baby getting it's Soul in Stitches
I am over half way through the Quilting many many more designs to figure out!!......JANE!!!.....I even said Good Morning Jane her......
Just Amazing Art Work of God

 Life is Amazing.....Quilting is My Journey now.....enjoying Sunsets with my best friend and Hub.....Blessings!!! 

August 8, 2016

Sweet Clementine

Are you busy finishing up the summertime?   Painting?  Getting kids
ready for school? Quilts for fall Birthdays?........

Just thought I would share an older link Cluck Cluck Sew   You just
have to love these quilts!!!

Recently, I purchased an new Stencil from  Cindy Needham  
I love her work and all she offers to help us finish a quilt top with great ideas of quilting it. 

Have a Sweet Creative Monday-Friday kind of week!!

July 19, 2016


This made us laugh this morning...GOD BLESS THE POLICE!!!


July 18, 2016


Leah Day did a great job in comparing Surface Marking a Quilt in this many ideas are popping into my thread bare longarmed brain!!  How about you?

I am working on my married daughters Swoon Quilt....
Leah's Swoon

Some Clouds Do bring Us Rain
......with  sciatica going on I work in shorter intervals than I did before this ugly attack....I am swimming everyday if the thunderstorms give me a break this summer in SC!!.
....we are NOT complaining about the rain......the holistic DR that I am going to started me on Thyroid support as my level finally fell below has been low normal T3 is getting some attention and with that he hopes to see my sugar levels come down and THEY ARE!! that will help with my nerve inflammation also.....the Chiropractor moved me to every 2 weeks as he see progress in muscle memory with my adjustment to my L4.....rt leg shorter than left leg due to right hip higher than the left.....I still think it was growing up in a large family that always had babies to carry on my rt hip as I grew up.....even my Mom entered in and had 3 girls after she was 41....making my life spicey for sure!!........

Take care of your priformis muscle as you sit and quilt....stretch, exercise, use a good therapeutic chair cushion....don't go where I have been since February!!...

Have  a blessed day......IT IS A GOOD DAY TO HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!

July 5, 2016

Felll In Love

Have you ever met a Quilt and knew it was love at first sight?
Well, this was it for me this weekend.....Oh BTW HAPPY BLESSED 4TH!!
Tiffany is just so talented..and remind me that yes, you can crochet around cotton....
My Mom did it all the time with hankies, etc.
So, here you go.......Are you in LOVE TOO!!?

SEW! IT IS JUST GREAT! to know there is yet, another way to use Charms or Layer Cakes....right!....enjoy her awesome.
Here are a few pics we got on our phone of the Grands this weekend...celebrating.....I went swimming for my therapy of my little pool..does the trick for me!
Wishing our families were all closer together so we could enjoy holidays together.......
Our sleeping Roomey is our 2nd born Grand...she is a busy gal, horses, work and college in the fall....helping Gramps on the little farm we have.....
Enjoy!! the photos.....I have my daughters Swoon loaded now and ready to start quilting....all in moderation sew my hip and leg does not BARK!!.....


YES, she sleeps with my 1800 Reproduction Fabs!!

Linda's Swoon all ready to see it's new owner!

Our Little Pool Haven

Time for Swim Therapy

Neighbors new Thoroughbred....Dixie
Hope you had a safe and sweet 4th......OUR NATION'S 240TH!!!,,,,,,,

June 28, 2016


It is always a goooooood Quilted the old song I am
hooked on a see a Quilt finished up.
Using the French General fabrics I think this Swoon is unique and
specially made for a dear, close friend.....
In the Process

Now completed, ready for binding
Please enjoy the following video on some trupanto  .  Angela Huffman 
at Quilted Joy is such a blessing to me.