June 29, 2013

Let Us Not Forget.....

I pause on this for a few days.....in honor of those that gave their lives...in many battles and wars....and are still serving us....protecting us......Blessings.....Karen

June 27, 2013

JUNE 28th.....Dick and Jane Stamp.....

  Thanks for stopping by today and we all hope you enjoy the Stamp It Up Blog Hop .... we finish after the weekend.....so be sure to come back on Monday....you will be blessed by taking the time to visit my fellow quilters on our list for today....so creative!!! THANK YOU AGAIN.....Pig Tales and Quilts and Madame Sam  !!!
Jane had Puff and Dick had Spot!
  I debated on a few ideas for my Stamp It Up Minature Quilt....our hometown was also the home of Tell Taylor who penned "Down By The Old Millstream:....to the young folks they may have never heard that old song....but I sure did.....probably weaned on it...along with paint fumes and varnish, as my Dad owned his own painting business and also refinished furniture for folks in his Man Cave....Shop at the back of our property....he was always singing, humming...he was part of a Christian Quartet and even competed on State level and they won the top ribbon at the Ohio State Fair many many years ago.  My Dad was a friendly guy, never met a stranger and made most people comfortable in all situations.  He would strum his right ring finger with his Lodge ring on the big steering wheel of the 57 Red Ford Station Wagon, as we ran around town to check on his jobs or run to the AW Root beer stand for a "treat"....he smoked his Lucky Strike cigarettes and sang the old songs..but I didn't go that route as you can see;  I wanted to share my roots abit with this stamp.....we grew up in the 50-60's, born in 49 when stamps were very cheap....I found a 2 cent one that I liked because it blended with the other colors in the Dick and Jane photo I copied with my printer onto   photo print fabric.  I asked my hub what was it that he remembered the most as he grew up on the farm...minus raising 4H steers every year and detasslling corn by hand all summer long...or going to the public pool whenever we could.....I was raised in a big family so there were always chores to get done with Mom.....but both of us just relished our time on our bikes....riding all over town to do errands, go to the library, go to the dentist...go to 4H meeting...ride our bikes to school....it was our time away from the work that our homes poured into our lives....so, along with learning to read with Dick and Jane adventures, we both had our memories of our bikes....our anventures as Gary and Karen....we met in 9th grade, so the first time Gary walked me home from school he had his bike resting in his left arm as we strolled to my home together that wonderful month of May of '65.....so if you have taken the time to read my little romance and history of my stamp you are a trooper!! and I give you a big quilted hug!!
....please accept my photos; they are not that great....but I did enjoy making the stamp....and I love my growing up years.... I only wish most kids today had half of the joy and security that we grew up under.....pressed between the love of family and friends........God Bless!!
  I won't even go into the fact that I grew up on Cherry Street and could have done a stamp in Cherry Blossoms and called it The Cherry Street Gang......I am just sayin'.........Quilted Blessings......Karen
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Time for the second day in Stamp It Up!  So many cute ideas so far!!  Red Rooster Fabric has given bundles to be given away at the end of the Hop....so fun!!......and yes, my own little Rooster is still trying out his new found voice...I think it surprises him!  Have a fun and safe quilting day!  I know I will try.
So, there is our price to run for this Blog Hop!!  Please enjoy visiting the blogs for today, I know you won't be disappointed!  Quilted Blessings!  Karen



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June 26, 2013

Stamp On It

Please enjoy the Blog Hop.....Stamp On It!!   I am excited and anxious to see all the creative stamps that these blogs will come up with!!  I hope you stop by daily for the next few days to check them out!  Today, please travel to the Blogs listed below!! There are more each day thru next week, excluding the weekend.....Mine will be up on Friday....still working on it ... : )...... I woke up early this morning to one of our two new baby roosters trying to crow....it is pretty mild yet and I thought some animal was hurt.....I thought that was a good sign, as our sponsor is Red Rooster for this hop!...Love their fabs!!.....maybe by next week the Rooster will be in full voice!! You never can sometimes always tell !!!

Our Cheerleader for this Hop is Pig Tales And Quilts, you HAVE to see her Stamp!.....awesome!!.... and of course our Leader of This Pack......Madame Sam   Such great gals! sew so much encouragement ..... our lives and hearts so full of threaded thoughts!.....not all people understand where we quilters come from! but these two do!! ......  threads are our "sawdust".....

So, here we go!! please enjoy the creations and drop a line to the gals!  Thanks for your visit!....you might as well start out with that first cup of java or tea.....kick your heels up......Praise God for the rain, (if you are getting it; we did and it is wonderful!)....  Quilted Blessings today!!  Karen

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June 12, 2013

Sweet Doll Quilt

I received my doll quilt from California today....it is perfect!!....a barn that reminds us of our cabin....and flag trim.....she got it right.  I do like so many colors and styles of quilts.  I do want to paint a barn quilt for each end of our gable end cabin....I have enjoyed walking into the modern quilt movement of late, and it has been fun......I will never leave my Civil War period of fabric or Dear Jane....it is rich in colors and prints.  Since I was away for awhile, it was a nice surprise in my mailbox today....Thank you Doll Quilt Partner in California!!.....

Love It!!!
You gotta love barns!!......Quilted Blessings!! Karen

June 11, 2013


Reminds me of flying geese too......
I just found a great manly quilt on Pinterest.....I do like chevrons and I KNOW the kids do too....so it may be this for our son.....smaller. There is also a Civil War Signature quilt pattern that was used frequently in the 1800's.....he is doing research with his brother and sister from letters given to U.of Michigan written home by their GGGreat Uncle on their fathers' side;  so they are very much into battles fought in Tn and Ga and any history connected to that period...and so that would be appropriate also.....
I just wanted to share the chevron quilt....it is very "cool"....as we use to say!!
But I do like the houses....people can sign the doors with their names.....another person suggested a book quilt and let them sign their name where the title would go.....
The journey goes on!!
  Quilt On!!  Karen

June 10, 2013

I am Thinking.....

I am thinking this is the quilt I am going to make for my son....he has KD and is on the transplant list now.  My hub goes tomorrow morning to do the labs to see if he could be a live donor for him....the family in Ohio is having a K5 run/walk for him in July, so I thought it would be nice for him to have folks sign a quilt on his kidney journey.  He is something!! So proud of him.  He has a family...precious wife and 2 little gals...and is finishing up his Grad Program at IU....starts that final project in January.  So, the kidney disease was a detour he was not expecting.....so I am thinking this house quilt would do....I don't know....I may change my mind into something modern but we will see....I bought the PDF pattern and have to get some manly prints for the  houses....he is such a social person...a sheer blessing!!Cluck Cluck Sew
Just Love It!!

We just got back from a work trip.....that is all done for now....I am not going to talk about it but renters can be a very bad thing......some can be good and blessing....we did not experience that....we went to this farm and saved it!!...8 work days.....so I really need to purge my mind of their way of life and dirt and do something really full of joy....and that would be our son...something for him......
Quilted Blessings!! Karen