July 27, 2013

English.....Paper piecing

Can you see into the future?.....well, your quilted future?....recently I have seen a new and fresh interest in English Paper Piecing.  I found this helpful tutorial on it....please, get a cup of coffee or tea and sit down and enjoy.....I am starting a new project of making my friends' kids jean squares, saved while they all grew up, into a quilt.  I am entertaining doing a pineapple quilt of sorts....a mix....like a pineapple salad?....See you soon....for now, just relax! let me know how you are doing! I would love to hear from you!  Quilted Blessings!  Karen

July 22, 2013

Quilting Is My Music; Come Dance With Me

Always Precious!!
There is a song about Jesus being my song and He is....and music runs thick in our family....the love of it!!....and my son the producing of music.  We had our 5K walk and it was fantastic...the family gathered close to 800$ so far for them....he is now going to get blood work once a month now for the Transplant process...he has a very good prospect for a good match now.....Thanks Be to God....
The reunion was sweet....I think a time of reconnecting, of course, and some good healing.....my sister 9 years younger than I (born while in 3rd grade on a snowy December day and her birth was announced to us over the PA system by the principle that day!).....she went to continue to celebrate life in Heaven 4 years ago...we gathered in the Living Room where she "passed" at my sister 5 years younger than I home...and we celebrated her life again there....no sad tears....just happy.....she always loved butterfly's.....and so our "sisters" picture was around the butterfly on my sisters' fence that surrounds her beautiful pool
fun in the Sun!!
The pool was tremendously enjoyed by the kids.....we always have tons of kids and new babies to squeeze with an immediate family of 112 souls now.....48 attended this year...
My quilt Come Dance With Me Fons and Porter.....was a sweet event.....we figured everyone could sign a LP record on the quilt and write their favorite group and song......God is just so very very good.....all the time and EVERY TIME!!......
Sign Me Please!!
Now, on to quilting my Doll Monthly quilt of Baskets to send to Germany for July.....oops....yes , July is running away pretty fast!!   Quilted Blessings Everyone!!  Karen

July 13, 2013

Quilting It Out

I am a bit busy with my sons' LP Quilt for next Saturday 5K Run/walk to help him with expenses with his in the future Kidney Transplant.  Of course, we still pray for his healing; it is in Gods' hands...When I was a L&D Nurse we would let gals "labor down"....watch her but just let her body do what it naturally wanted to do; "have the baby!".....so it is with my new needle I am using now...my Quilting Needle....I need to let the Quilt just let itself Quilt It Out.....so I found this video on You Tube I thought you would enjoy watching about figuring out what design to use on that quilt top you are staring at and trying to decide what to do or have your Longarmer do for you.....Please enjoy....and yes, I am Dancing...with my LP Top....the reveal will be soon!!.....Quilted Blessings!!


July 11, 2013

Rain Rain HAS gone away!!

"What do you do when".....The Beatles Song....ok so, when life gives you Lemons, you make Lemonade...or I always try!!....or if your life "gets out of tune"?......Dance.....maybe in the Rain...
Sprinkle Zoo Day
So, the last week we have spent with family..Sparklers, grinding flour to bake bread, visiting the chickens, watching Corn Grow......going to Lake Michigan, Kids Museum, Zoo, SB Chocolate Factory, Fireworks, visiting Cousins, to get rained out!...and back home.....BUSY! FUN! and the Best Time Ever!! So just enjoy the pictures for today and trust me....I AM going circles around you!!...actually, cutting circles out for a signature Quilt Dance With Me....LP's for my sons benefit 5K showing support for him and his family and Kidney Transplant future.....so!! I am going to be dancing with my Suziebell Longarm soon...but for now....circles to cut and applique....
And before they got here......build a porch, sort photo pictures, get my Quilt Shop in order.....yes, busy....so now I am coloring my hair and blogging!!.....important stuff too!!....Don't laugh....but the best is Family time.....lots of giggles!
and even a car that leaked power steering fluids all over my son in laws driveway!!..and a tow to be fixed....then a flash flood and so! NO we didn't go swimming with the cousins but we played in the basement and then had Donatos' Pizza before returning to Indiana....of which we had to stop 2 times due to STORMS!!....and possible flash flooding on the way back home.....so yes, we are a bit on the worn out side!!...but it makes for a great story!!.....and you just can not make it up!!.....
South Bend Chocolate Factory

Lake Michigan Fun

Our Beloved Chickens....August Eggs

Result of Lasagna Gardening

Close to the Kangaroo

Flash Flooding in Daughters Front Yard! (from my fixed car)

Rain?....play in basement toy room!

It All started with Sparkler Fun!! Happy 4th!

Grinding Wheat!...yum!!!

Disco Girls at Kids' Museum.....FUN!!

My precious Girls!!.....some of them!!

Saying Goodbye!!.....what a wonderful time!!
Quilted Blessings....and back in a few with a Quilt To show and tell about!!......Dance Girls!!!.....and make Lemonade if necessary!!.......Karen......thanks for joining us in our fun....week!!!!

July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!!

Wow, can it be.....the wheat is getting cut off....my hub and I have a joke....he said since he was a kid on the farm that it seemed when they harvested the wheat and baled that the summer seemed almost gone....so he points in the Spring at the green, beautiful wheat fields....then it slowly turns yellow...and we drive here and there and sometimes...point at the fields....thinking...oh my, time is flying....well, it is getting harvested now and soon baled...so summer seems to be going fast but I would not agree it is almost gone!! I have not even started to can or freeze yet....want to put up things this year....but!!....yikes!!!....now when the locust start their serenade summer WILL only have 6 weeks till fall.......OK!! STOP you say....
gorgeous colors
I am going to share a sweet Aussie sight that I visit when I can....she is just lovely...and as the years have gone by she has grown into quite a business.....now she even has developed a new line of fabric for.....you guessed it....our sponsor of Stamp It Up Blog Hop....Red Rooster!!.... she is heading to the USA right now to set up at a Quilt Convention.....but she shared her new line just before taking off...so just visit her link and enjoy her work.....you will get hooked, promise!!! Helen at Hugs and Kisses
Have a safe and blessed 4th of July Celebration....we head to Winona Lake tomorrow night with our sons' family to celebrate!!.....for now, Quilted Blessings!!! Karen

July 3, 2013

The End

It has been so much fun and amazing to see all the Stamp It Up work!!...just great!!.....God Bless Pig Tales and Quilts and Madame Sam  and last but not least  Red Rooster Fabric !!   
Please go to Madame Sams' blog above and check out the winning Stamp!!  Just so much Fun!!
Please enjoy our last day of this hop but be sure to check back for more Hops to come!!.....have a safe and wonderful July 4th!! ..... I have been sorting and cleaning now for a few weeks....LONG enough! for this obsessive Quilter, so I hope to get back to quilting....my DQM doll quilt is going to be Baskets this month....Fun!! ..... my heart also goes out to the fire fighters' families in Arizonia right now with their great loss; my hub was a fire fighter near the Dallas area years ago and I know the concerns that wives and families have as their loved ones serve us in that way.....and then our soldiers and families...my hub is also a Nam Veteran.....so I give prayers this week for those that serve us every day.....Quilted Blessings!!......Enjoy the Stamps!!   Karen

                                                     July 3rd


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                                               13 Woodhouse Road


                                               Traveling Quilter

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July 2, 2013

Stamp It Up!!

It has been great!!!  Please stop by the blogs below to check out the ideas and projects.....so impressive!!.....I think Pig Tales and Pigs and Sew We Quilt will totally agree!!.....that Red Rooster fabric give away is also going to be hard to decide who the top winner is!! ..... Enjoy the Hop!!  Quilted Blessings!!  Karen

                                                                        July 2nd

                                                                   Sew and Sow Farm
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                                                                   Grammie Q's
                                                                   How Art You?
                                                                   Bumleberry Stitchn
                                                                   A Stitch In Time


July 1, 2013

Granny Squares

Granny Squares
Just had to share what was in our mailbox today from Germany....I LOVE being part of Doll Monthly Quilt doll quilt swaps...she really outdid herself!! and Thank you so much!!!....  Quilted Blessings....come back tomorrow for our Stamp It Up Blog Hop List...Karen
Back is Sweet!!

Stamp It Up....Three Days Left

So much fun....the gals have done awesome work so far.....please enjoy hopping to the blogs below and leave a comment too....it  means so much to each one!!.....  Thanks Again to.....Pigtales And Quilts  and Madame Sam   !!!!

                                                              July 1st

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Have a wonderful day hopping through our Bunch of Stamp It Up Hop Girlfriends.!!  Blessings!!  Karen