November 20, 2013


Get your Feast On, Little Pilgrim!!
2 Corinthians 4:17-18 says all!

oh! the 1950's!
Heading down to quilt soon on a "Finley" quilt top I made...reminds me of my Mom!!....anyways!!....I just wanted to share pictures from a post from FB today and also a little family pic when I was around 4....I remember the Brownie camera my older brother was using to take it....there were 5 kids then.....on to the finish line with 8 :)......My Mom was a saint who later made Reproduction 1800's Porcelain Dolls and then after Dad died in '93 she quilted until she passed away in 2004.....Heritage!! Thanking God for my littlest Pilgrim of 8 granddaughters and 1 grandson.....Ok, so I am getting gabby now!!  Oh, our son that is on hemodialysis 3 times a week now had gout over the weekend in his foot but he is much better now, this is also due to his treatments and his protein balance n diet...
 Hugs on this Quilting Day, every day is a new day to Quilt!!  Blessings!! Karen

November 19, 2013

Aspen Frost Quilt Block with Quilty

I think this is pretty cool......very cool!! She will have this in her magazine soon also. !!  Chevrons in the corners?..... interesting!!..Two blog entries below you can find a tool to make perfect half-square triangles also. unless you use Square in a square technique with Jodi Barrows and make them her way....the tool is pretty cool though! so, go below and watch that video too, you won't be me!!......Heading down to longarm today, what are you up to girlfriend?!! Have fun....the only rule I have in Quilting......Quilty type blessings today!!  Karen

November 17, 2013

The Season to be Jolly

Can it really be here!! the Jolly Season!! much to be Thankful for!!!.....planning to make a wall hanging for each family this Christmas; from  Craftsy.....I think it is really sweet, don't you....take a peak at it !!.....  Our kids got together this Saturday to spend the day with Kev at the dialysis center for his 3.5 hour treatment.  One drove from DC to Ohio and then they came together to Indiana; all safe and sound back at their homes today; ahead of the impossible storms that hit Illinois and Indiana.....Thanks Kids!!
As always, Quilted Dreams and Blessings!!!  Karen
Christmas !!  
Our Kids
After The Storms Today

November 15, 2013

McTavishing Or Doodling

Have you McTavished yet? or Doodled with Jenny? .....You really should try!!.....Quilted Blessings!!  Karen

November 14, 2013

Half Square Triangles Conquered

Goldilocks and the Three Bears are done and ready to ship to the UK....along with two Christmas Mug Rugs with Children in Black them!! Want to do more!!  Goldilocks was fun to do and her face is just so sweet too!!  I can't attach pictures as my I Phone Camera lens got scratched and my photos show the affect of that....that explains my poor photos in the recent past that I have posted.....I apologize!! when I get the money to purchase new insurance (argh!) will have to wait on that!!.....I did find this great video though on something I think You NEED for your accurate quilting pieces...I can not wait to send for it myself!.....
Our son did well with his hemodialysis on Tuesday....he goes again for 5 hours today (that includes travel time and waiting his turn)..he is tired afterwards and takes a good nap then he is ready to go for a day or so until the next treatment....his abdomen finally feels better; we all figured out he had a bug that I came home and have been sick for a couple of days now....he was just so afraid somehow he still had affects of his concern is keeping his tunnelled catheter on his right chest sterile and covered!! goes to his is the fastest way to start hemodialysis but it has its precautions for sure!!

Have a blest Quilting Day!! I am cleaning and then starting "something" on my longarm......I will give you a peak.....well, when I get my Iphone fixed!  It is all in a "day" as my Mom use to say!!
Blessings!!  Karen

November 12, 2013

Our Sons' Journey Continues

Mindy and Kev
Our Son
Sweet Elenor! She has some great ideas on making a wedding ring quilt!  I thought I would check in with you.
  I was with my sons' family all last week and then went back to see him on Sunday.  He is in hemodialysis now on Tues, Thurs and Saturdays...he gets there, so far on time, and then has to wait over an hour to get started.  He has a mid-day appointment.  Please keep him and his little family; Mindy (wife) and Coralynn and Amelia (little girls) in your thoughts and prayers.  He has live donors on a list; he is fortunate; he has a waiting list of friends and family that match and want to be a donor.  His donor from our town here in Plymouth is waiting to start the 3rd part of her journey of her matching kidney, so, since he has had to go on hemodialysis due to getting peritonitis with the Peritoneal Dialysis, he really is praying the transplant is soon.  He has to be infection free for 2 weeks before any transplant can happen; so they think it will be in December.  That also would be an answer to prayer as the healthcare is changing for everyone and especially them January 1st.  Kevs' faith continues to grow...  God is showing that HE is in control and that HE holds Kevin in His hands....He is soverign.  I am back home and working on the doll quilt to send to UK for November; then it is my plan to get my shop open and offer some longarming and the fabric that I have for those that would like to purchase it! and take Quilt lessons.  But, for now, Kev and his family is # 1 in our lives.  His sister and little Caroline are going to see them this weekend and I am sure Leah will keep him company during his 3.5 hour dialysis on Saturday...happens to be my Hubs birthday and Kevs' Dad....he is 44....opps....lets try 64....heehee.....we will be married 44.....haha......
I pray you are all well and safe....God Bless and Quilted Blessing!!! Karen


November 1, 2013


Sunday our Son gets to go home!! Infection is gone....starts his dialysis classes with wife on Monday through Thurs and then they do it for the nurse in their home on Friday!!....I am going down for the girls for the week too.....oh, shucks!!....heehee.....I see rainbows being made for one thing and crocheted things for dollies.....  We thank our Lord for his healing...and we continue to pray as the transplant time approaches that no infection would occur before hand.  Quilted Blessings!!  Karen

Our Son..... part 2

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Woof!
God has blessed us....our son is on the mend....his White Blood Count is down to 40 in the effluent fluid...almost nothing...his hemoglobin is 8.3....up from the low blessed we are to see his body respond.  Now to get his appetite back....friends are bringing food to the hospital...they have such an amazing support team through their church and friends!!.....Hebrew 11:6 ..... faith....oh how blessed to have God and know Him and embrace His truth and faith....
Sweet Goldilocks
So, he comes home on Monday and starts classes at the Dialysis Center for the week...doing it themselves in their home on Friday with a nurse there to watch....they are doing so well and handling this with courage and faith....Transplant should be in December sometime and that is good due to the changes in the healthcare system.  It would be so much easier for them to have it happen before January 1st.  God has this, He does and that is not a flippant statement.  Gods depth is beyond what we can comprehend and His love is the Center of life....
What a Pair!!
Thanks for your prayers and concerns.....
Visiting Daddy as Repunzel!!
I am working on a Goldilocks Quilt from cute.....I am on the last block; the beds...she is going to the UK for my Doll Monthly Quilt partner who just had a baby this week, Hannah Elizabeth and is also blessed with a 22 month old this quilt is just what I think they need!!......It was one of my favorite stories as a kid and my kids too!!......
Have a blessed day!!  Quilted, of course!!  Karen