February 8, 2017

Through My Dobbie's Eyes

Job's Tear Backing
Cora is Fast and Furious Quilter

Millie Loves Scissors too.....Really Loves!

Millie Really loves to Quilt

Pond and Shiloh Time

Swimming is an ART

What preciousness do Children Brings into our lives.

I am awaiting to see the Neuro Surgeon today.  The MRI of thoracic and lumbar was completed last night....Soon to have a direction with my condition; whatever it may be.  My walker came....pretty baby boomer fancy....hand brakes, a seat, 8 inch wheels so I can go outside on the farm more easily.  It does give me a feeling of more security while walking; my legs give out at no notice and down I go!....I made the Job Tears and gave it to my youngest sister in Ohio......With the photos....what is NOT to love?!!

Through Dobbie's Eyes.....
My Angel Drawn by my friend Deb in Denver

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