March 2, 2017

Never Give UP!!

Never give up, never give up, never give up.

A person who loves to quilt is very much into that... when they          
Depression Era Farmer's Wife....Heirloom for our kids....

start a quilt, piece the quilt and quilt the is work that you never
give up on.

  It is a "pearl" made in a shell through bits of sand and constant

Quilts bring brightness into this world.  This wild world.  They are predictable
because if you follow the pattern and sew with 1/4 seams you will have a balanced
and "happy" quilt when you are done.  And seeing the look of delight on the face
of the receiver is priceless.  All the work is worth every stitch and every inch.

Pacing Creativity with Leg resting
My condition is still with me.  It has been decided to give me an epidural in about
3 weeks for the constant pain in my legs; now for over a year.  My narrowing,
arthritic spine is not causing my weak legs; so the hunt for a Neurologist who
specializes in Muscular skeletal seems appropriate.  My left leg got weaker with
the PT we were doing; the right leg is now getting weaker slowly now.  I still
can not go up or down steps and I use the seated walker in the house for safety,
as I am having a bit of foot drop in the left foot and it can catch on the floor or
anything, really.  My legs give out without any warning and down I go....that is
really not fun.

But I am a quilter, an avid one.  I finished my last quilt on my longarm in
October.  From October through mid January, I was really out of commission. I had no
stamina at all to walk or stand for anytime.  We started PT in November but had to
quit in early February as we saw my left leg weaken dramatically in January.
All the Lambies in a row.....waiting on diaper pins!!

Answers?  We have none so far.  We are nurses and have researched and we have an
idea what it might be or is being mimicked to make you think it is this certain diagnosis.
I don't want it but, I would like to know what it is so I can start medications that might
slow down the damage being done to my nerves.

So, friends, I have always tried to make really good lemonade when life gives us lemons.

So fun to make

A closer Look

Hubs winter build, now painting needs a barn quilt on end facing the road!!

I have enjoyed recently sewing in short periods at times and then resting 1/2  hour.
My lambies and "like" muc muc dolls are ready to ship to Ohio and Indiana closer
to Easter.....I was too sick at Christmas to quilt(that is sick huh?) nothing, we are a bit late but still made with love!!

I am starting a bit of paper piecing today and some Wolsey things....just let the creative juices fly
and see what the day will bring you.  Life is worth the living and God does come and give
Grace when the trials  come.                             Trust.


                                                                    Never Give Up!!
It is all Good; God is good all the time

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