August 12, 2017

Road to Recovery

In days like these, I tend to go to simpler days.  How about you. 

I started knitting again.  I am practicing at this point.  Knit and purl.   Simple.

Life got much more simple when my Neurologist came to a diagnosis for me.  Not MS.  We
could not have been more relieved and Praising God was real.

The diagnosis was difficult to arrive to and many tests and labs brought us to the two words....
Amyotrophy Neuropathy , or a Simple word....Diabetic Stroke.  All this thourgh an Excellent
My journey with this follows the article to a "T".  From the extreme pain in hips and legs, to weakness, stamina, insomnia,
and on and on. 

Yes, it is rare; less than 1% of women have this occur.  Diabetes does not cause
this condition but it does not help with healing times either.  My Blood Sugars were out of the
roof.  With less inflammation and healing of my nerves and muscles responding well, the sugars
will fall also.

It sounds simple.

It hardly is.  Our bodies are complex and still being "found out" but the base of chemicals the Lord
used in creating us are basic.....simple?....hardly.

I made a simple quilt for my sister Deb that is 5 years younger than me...she and my 4 other sisters
placed me in the Middle....not a simple spot in a large family....but simply Safe!!

To put is simple, I am sewing again, sweeping, cooking, walking outside better with walker than
by myself, unsteady....we enjoyed our family again in June...a surprise vacation.  Simply put it was
Heaven to have family here and little girls enjoyed the Simple Pool we had up.

Enjoy the Simple Pictures....they say it all.

Photos Say it All

            Family is simply.....Healing...... We are still Praising God....    Healing is Slow but

Here to stay.....

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