February 20, 2017


Some eye Sculpting

Personality coming


Lambikin #1

Here we go.....now have 2 more ready to stuff.....Easter Lambs to find a home in 3 Grandgals Homes.....
Next project.....do them in phases, so it takes me much longer than usual.........

Muc Muc Dolls....they make them in Poland....I am giving them a try.....Paul and Paula  have made some pretty special ones.  They are also on Pinterest.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

Have a sweet Sewing Day or Quilting Day on this President's Day!!

Sunny here,blue Sky's,  I am sure Blue Sky's by Doris Day will cheer you!  It sure does me!!

February 8, 2017

Through My Dobbie's Eyes

Job's Tear Backing
Cora is Fast and Furious Quilter

Millie Loves Scissors too.....Really Loves!

Millie Really loves to Quilt

Pond and Shiloh Time

Swimming is an ART

What preciousness do Children Brings into our lives.

I am awaiting to see the Neuro Surgeon today.  The MRI of thoracic and lumbar was completed last night....Soon to have a direction with my condition; whatever it may be.  My walker came....pretty baby boomer fancy....hand brakes, a seat, 8 inch wheels so I can go outside on the farm more easily.  It does give me a feeling of more security while walking; my legs give out at no notice and down I go!....I made the Job Tears and gave it to my youngest sister in Ohio......With the photos....what is NOT to love?!!

Through Dobbie's Eyes.....
My Angel Drawn by my friend Deb in Denver

February 1, 2017

A Good Day

Scalia & Gorsuch
 A good day to have a good day.  Just
remembering my quilts I longarmed in
the last year, well, a few of them....looking
forward to the day I can longarm again
and also piece some new tops at my sweet
Viking Sewing machine.  I am sure they
both miss me!! I MISS THEM!!!
SOON we hope SOON!!

Seeing Neuro Surgeon today....hoping for
more tests and answers SOON!!!

Enjoy any new pop up flowers in your area!...we have the start of a few daffodils green leaves
showing. It always amazes me!!

January 17, 2017


Dear Jane sarting

History has always been my fascination. We imbedded into our kids also.

This is Dear Jane...a quilt made by a woman in the Civil War period while her husband was an officer in the War from Vermont. Yes, she quilted by hand and she designed all the blocks....amazing...she must have had a very mathematical brain too.

  This is my heirloom for our oldest Son who desires to obtain a Phd in Civil War period and teach on the University level.
Our youngest son finished his Master's last May with a study and program on the Civil War application on the computer.
 Our daughter teaches 3rd grade and loves to plan field trips that involve history in her area of Ohio.

So, please don't miss the Inauguration this Friday.  An Historical peaceful change of power to the next Commander In Chief.
 What awesome forefathers this country had.  Only God could have orchestrated  this country!.....


God Bless You Richly!!

I hope to quilt again.......sooon!!!

Almost done with Jane lasr Summer!!

January 7, 2017

Quilting Set Apart

                                                            Quilting Set Apart in October
I dream about Quilting again

My condition worsened and I lacked the stamina to stand at my longarm or sit down to sew.
I must say I am improving now....medications help for sure and plenty of
PT exercises at home and my sessions.  I also was started on Insulin for
my Diabetes, as my pancreas shut down, so that is a big adjustment.  I have had a
couple low sugars that need treated with sweets to get it up and must say when
you are that low the sweets do taste awful!!  I admire my Granddaughter Maddie 
who was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at the age of 6 and is now 18.  She is
amazing!!  Now, I totally know how she has felt in her life when she drops or climbs
to high.  I did loose too much weight in the last two months but now I am maintaining
a even weight.  Hard way to loose weight!! 

We enjoyed a sweet Anniversary and My Birthday on 27th....yes, we got married on my 20th birthday
2 days after Christmas!  Son and DIL sent us a gift card to a restaurant uptown that serves organic
food.  I can't go to restaurants yet so, the take home was wonderful!  My tolerance to stand and cook has increased, so I am cooking again now.....my hub is all about that!

Sweet blue stone set from Hub.....love it!


Our Granddaughter was born the day after Christmas 23 years ago, so she enjoyed getting balloons from family in
Hub Dreaming!

It is all about family, isn't it?....we had a quiet Christmas with calls and texts with family....sweet smaller Grandgals all excited about Santa and teens and college age happy too! 

Our kids sent us bouquets for our Anniversary Birthday. Andrew told us when he was 4  HappyMerryVersary!!.  He knew we had alot to celebrate and brought it all together in one precious word....so now that is how they greet us this time of year.  He is 20 now.  HOW did that happen!!?

Happy Birthday Kirsten

Check These Flowers Out at Farmgirl

Beautiful Bouquet from Maryland

Not much quilting going on right now.  Just healing and getting strength back in my legs so my knees do not collapse under me . Managing Pain too. What is going on? It is kind of a mystery to them but strength is definitely needed to restore the electric impulses being recognized by my hamstring and glute muscles.  Neuro Surgeon is happy with my progress and assures me no surgery and I will get all my leg strength back.   SO PLEASE all you that quilt or sew...PLEASE ride your bike at home, get up and stretch, take care of your body!!

Have a blest day!!
 Long Post but Thanks for stopping by!! Love that!!!   Karen

October 20, 2016

Rock N Roll

Two swoons for Two Special Girls
A beautiful fall day in SC.  A good day to have a good day......
A great day to take Quilt photos....Swoons for my "gals"....for our daughter and
her BF in High School.  So many, many great memories with those gals,
now busy Moms of girls....High school, Middle School ages....5 of them.



My Gals Swoons

Leah's Backing 1850's Reproduction

Linda's Backing 1830's Reproduction



October 8, 2016

Did You Hoolahoop?

Did you ever hoolahoop?......Hours and Hours?....Me TWO!!!

Hurricane Matthew had mercy.....it had some tough areas and yes, there
was damage but no where what could have been experienced in the US I am glad
people did go to higher ground and wait it out.....most people did.
We had rain here  and gusty winds....lost a small artificial pear tree....some other
branches. Nothing, really.

We do pray for Haiti.....and the Islands....

I am still suffering with sciatica and was up soaking at 130 am to relax my
now very weary leg muscles.  It was raining hard on the metal roof and with
the bathroom window open a bit, I truly relaxed with the sound.
As life has it's experiences for us on our journey, I will see a Neurologist this
Thursday to inspect my decreasing reflexes in the legs and the muscle exhaustion.
I suppose that means an MRI.I just heard there is a vertical MRI being done in Illinois now.  Pretty cool!!
  I am just ready to have no pain, or less pain.
I was blessed last night though with NO hip pain during the night...but my legs
kicked in and gave their amount of pain in instead.
Come swing with me!

So, I have not longarmed on Suziebell for over a week now or pieced any fabric together.  My Hub knows I am sick if I am not on a project, or two.

Where did the mojo go?

I did paint our swing and we got it back on the porch...I LOVE the aqua color!!
It took me two days to get it done.  We are going to paint the porch soon....as it dries out now.  I can work 20 minutes at a time to not over exhaust my muscles and then
pay for it after midnight.

It all could be worse. I know that... I have experience as a Hospice Nurse and also an OB
nurse...so, no, my level is on a low bar, comparing.
Those were the days!!
Don't you miss the hoolahoop!!....Maybe that is what I need to do when I am healed from what is bugging me now....
God bless you today....and if you are in the area of the Hurricanes path, we pray you
are safe and doing well.

Give Angela Walters Paisly Feathers a try.....I LOVE Angela.......