May 30, 2013

Growing UP!

Yes, it is up! that is what Grandkids do....they grow up!!....and experience new things on their own...become such gorgeous young ladies....who love God and smile from the heart....even in all her trials with Juvenile Diabetes this Grandgal has just done so well.....when it attacked her life when she was a young 6 year old we would go out to eat and she would inform the waitress that she had diabetes and that she had to watch what she ate and drank.....she has just been a trooper and we all are amazed!!  Her Mom and her sister that is just 2 years younger has stood by her side....She recently went on a trip to DC with her eighth grade class....she did so well.....the nurse on board helped her with her insulin pump and changing of the tubing while gone....she does look more grown up now....her first bites into her personal walk and journey....we praise God for Maddie....her outlook and all her hard work in schoolwork also.....May God lead her More and More is our prayer....Maddie is on the end with a brown flowered dress and white sweater....Love her so much!!  Dobs

now really did we look so grown up n 8th grade?.....just sayin'!  Have a blessed day!!

May 27, 2013

Ellies Roses

Yes, 136 Roses......just sayin'.....I love Ellie!!
A field of Dreams.....or of Roses.....
WE were all tickled pink.....or since the roses are antique white we were all tickled "antique white"....when her quilt turned out like she wanted it too and more; especially after it was put on her precious bed, in her beautiful room on a gorgeous street in a sweet town in is all it is better than God said It was Very Good!! is fantastic!!  So, Ellie, enjoy your new Rose Garden, free from weeding....just enjoy it!!.....Sweet Dreams!!  Quilted Hearts Together, Always.....Dobbie

Family Picture

It was a gorgeous Grad Day in Ohio.....
It is a sweet memory now......Quilted.....Karen

May 26, 2013

Memory Lane along with New Horizons

My sweet grandgals gave our hearts an extra hug yesterday when they were thrilled with the quilts I made them for graduation and then the special Rose Garden.  The princess is sleeping in this morning, so I am still waiting for the picture of her Rose Garden on her bed.  She was happy...grinned from ear to ear....yes, she is a petite gal!!  beautiful inside and out.
Our Oldest grandchild graduated last night from the same High School her Mom did just 20 years ago!  She has her sights set for Intell in the Air Force....she loves to study!.....we just enjoyed her great and happy yesterday..... all the families on both sides together back in the area of Ohio where we raised our sweet 3 kids ourselves!  eons ago :)

Her Quilt and table of Memories

Hard Work Awards!

Home is Where The Heart Is... Us

Irish Twin #2 Happy 2013 Grad!

She loves it!

The Rose Garden Princess!

The sweetest Thing I Know of......Love!
The 2nd born grandchild, an Irish twin to the first; born 12 months apart in the same year....was thrilled with her quilt....she said. I LOVE IT!!.....and thank you for all your work.....she kept going over to it to look at the photos ..claiming it as her own!.....that was reward for our hearts!!  She is going into Public Health study....  cool!! ....
Our Rose Garden Princess was very pleased with her Roses.....I was so glad! it turned out like she wanted it too....she is going to be 13 the last day of June....Our Millennium Grandbaby....
We enjoyed taking pictures all day long.  Our ONLY grandson is adored by the 3 youngest grandgals...and they run into his arms when we get together....we don't get to do that, usually more than 2 times a year.  I think this year it will be more....and that is good!!....very good!!......
Please enjoy the pictures....I totally was tinkled pink to make these quilts for our precious Grandgals....our treasures!!.....    I am blessed!!  Quilted  Up into their hearts!!......  Karen

May 21, 2013

Hearts Going Out

Our hearts and many prayers are with the victims of the recent tornado activity in Texas and Oklahoma. It is difficult to comprehend how they are coping today; especially for those who lost children and loved ones and those that are still missing; and then the cleanup and rebuilding...
  Our prayers are that God will be with them and hold them up....and lead those into His arms that do not know Him.....many, many prayers... God Bless,  Karen

May 20, 2013

Free Motion Classes

Just in for a few moments this morning....I completed binding my three grandgal quilts and now I want to make some pillows to take along with me on we have some outside work (ground cover invasion) to take care of!! please, if you are not a member The Quilt Show, with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, or if you aren't a member of Craftsy, Consider both!  :):)
 Here is a connection to the Obsessive Quilter , I  just found Ann can watch her show at The Quilt Show, she was featured on May 11th and also on Cratsy.  I feel so much attraction to her web page name!!...  but back to classes, once you buy the classes, they are permanent for you,  I watch for sales on the classes; recently there was 50% off, sometimes there are even free classes.....and that is sweet!!  With flexibility, I am learning more about modern style so I can offer it in my shop....there are no Quilting Police!!  Have a great week and if you are in the storm ridden areas, know our prayers are with you.  God Bless and Quilted Joy to you!  Karen

Oh, you ask, the picture? hub has a  Digital Woodcarver and I think that would be a sweet wooden plaque to be done  for our cabin wall, don't you?

May 17, 2013

Thankful Heart!

Mothers Day at Sew We Quilt
This is totally a quick note this morning....first to be Thankful to God for healing Naomi....she is Cancer Free....the tumor was removed close to her heart....5 % with hardly any cancer cells....the rest was benign.....found NONE in her bone marrow!! Everyone knows who did was our God....and the prayers of His people!!....and we are bowing before God.

 I am also thankful for my Mothers' Day surprise!!  Madame Sam I love the new Iron!! and it will be used by myself and we hope MANY quilters that stop by the shop for a lesson or a chat....and yes, I am going to make Mug Rugs for my classmates!! But again, I am thankful for her generosity on Mothers' Day.....I am thinking she is a jewel....really.    Got to run....have to hang clothes on our new clothesline we put up a couple days ago....GOING COUNTRY....or maybe RETURNING!!....but it has been years!!  but it does feel so so good!!  Quilted as Always!!  Karen

May 13, 2013


Naomi Quilt
Tomorrow will be a day of prayers for Naomi, as they are already being sent up to the Lord. They will be taking, they hope, 90% of tumor near heart and also do a bone marrow biopsy....  She was diagnosed with a Cancer that strikes the young, usually under the age of 5 yrs old.  It attacks the nerves as they are underdeveloped or in some stage of development.....neuroblastoma.... it usually starts on the Adrenal Gland or Abdomen, they found none in her Abdomen with tests so far.....she just wasn't breathing normally last the Giant that needs slayed in their lives entered into their knowledge....the little toddler...precious in the Sight Of we pray....and as quilters what do we do?.....we make Quilts....and in this one we put verses of love and healing from God for her.....we sent it off today.....Cuddle Me what I am calling my children in need quilts....I decided to start making them...small ones, to have on hand for times as these..Praying For Naomi
Cats' Paws Pattern

Just a Fun Pattern

I also finished up my Doll Quilt for my swapping partner this month from California....she loved modern and grey and modern fabric, so I hope I "got it" George.....Doll Monthly
Well, now that my quilts are all done....well, I am binding the grad quilts yet and the Rose Garden Quilt....but I am going to clean clean clean my Quilting area in our walkout basement and get my Longarming.....Let ME Finish your Quilt....sign in the yard!!....

California or BUST!

Back....fabrics today are so pretty, right?
Did you ever get the impression that I am addicted to fabric and quilting and that it is my therapy for anyone!! ......  Oh Really?.....
Quilted Blessings and Hugs......Praying......Karen

May 12, 2013

Iron Me Surprised!!

You know God can come around that blind corner and give you the BIGGEST hug into your heart that takes you off your feet......I WON!!!.....and you can never know how much it lifted my right hand Ironing Hand that gets me everywhere!!.....It cooks, cleans, sews, writes, gives tender touches, hugs with its fingertips, plays the piano...and on and on.....I NEED my right hand and I NEEDED a new was at the leaking stage due to "dropping on the head" syndrome that I developed as a child....:) that called clumsy at times?.....So, I do thank  Madame Sam  for her generosity joining us to Reliable Corp.    And that is MY IRON !!!.....the orange one she shared with me...... will find a new home soon in my Quilt Shop.....and sewing area!!  as I said when I found out.....WOOOOHOOOO!!....
I love Orange!!
God also came around the blind corner for us 3 times years ago...when we were young....I am so blessed with three girl and two boys.....all married and scattered....but my love for them is sent everyday to them on the wings of prayers....we are blessed with 8 grandgals and 1 grandson.....a day of counting blessings!!......

So, continue to have a marvelous Moms' Day if that is your case....however, you are connected to this day.....God Bless You....never take her for granted...she is a gift and all too soon God calls them home, as mine was September 23rd 2004....I miss her.....just who she was....and I miss our quilting talks...and all her contentment ......  Quilted Blessings!!  Karen 

May 8, 2013


Hi jumped into paper piecing this past year....and I just jumped into Chevrons with the technique!! Craftsy   is a excellent source for patterns and classes.  I can't say enough about them!
Paper piecing Chevron for Doll Quilt
I am doing the Chevron for a Doll Quilt for my swap partner this month with Doll Monthly....she mentioned she loved modern and Kaffe Fassett fabric also.  So I did some of his in the chevron and also around the outside edge.  I still have to quilt it, I just finished up the top tonight.  Enjoy finding your own pattern at Craftsy. 
 Tomorrow I garden and help my hub on his day off outside......I may try to take a few pictures of our Grandgals quilts by the Pink Almond Bush.....we will see!.......Quilted Blessings!!.....really!!!    Karen


Pattern on thin paper

4 Units of A and B
I must say too, that when you put the pieces together it was easier to remove the paper first...then you can stick your pins at 4 intersections of this pattern down through the middle...matching the white strips .... this will keep it from moving....I heard a quilter once that said to start the seam from the middle and sew out to the edge and then go the other way from the helps it keep inplace.....I still need to try that!......
Drop over to Pinterest too and enjoy more Chevrons.....

Are You Reliable?

Hi!  I am just posting a suggestion that you might like to try the Reliable sounds like an excellent Iron for Quilters and it also has a company that backs it just think about it next time you need an Iron....I do need one....dropped mine on its' Head and now it leaks.....that is not acceptable Quilting Procedure  (sorry I use to be a Nurse).... so just check it out.....and Sew We Quilt is giving away 3 Irons for Mothering Day! take charge!! and give it a try!! I hope my family and friends will always say I am Reliable too!!  Happy Quilted Blessings!!  Karen

May 6, 2013

Ellie's Rose Garden

Ellie's Rose Garden
This IS a quilt I never thought of making.  When our Grandgal wanted a rose quilt for her newly painted room in a pretty green and top 24 inches in dark brown.  She is almost 13 and wanted to grow up a little bit in her beautiful they covered up a meadow of flowers that her Mom had stenciled on the 24 inches.  She was so sweet about it.  She didn't want to hurt her Moms' feelings, because Leah had worked so hard....but it was ok with Leah....she knew she really wanted the change. So, she wanted a dark brown behind the white roses and cream on the back.  Being a longarmer quilter I used backing for the top and is 108 " wide and then thinking she wanted a lofty batting I picked up 1' polyester for that and the Rose pattern was appropriate for the all over quilting design.  We are pleased with it.  I made 143 roses from an "antique white" cotton cloth....I cut them 9 inches wide across the whole width of 45 there is ALOT of fabric in the roses....I have enough left over to make a nice sham for her and I think I will make a few chocolate roses to mix on the end of the sham....the chocolate has been crying out to be a rose....I can hear it, you know!!...As Always!  Quilted Blessings!  Karen

Rose Design

136 Roses

May 3, 2013

Fear=Paper Piecing?.....Not! Now!

 Do not have fear!! I did for silly!! that I do it!.....I am working on a Doll Quilt doing paper piecing this month, so I thought I would share Quiltys' 2 part video...she is so sweet!....Marianne Fons daughter....Fons & Porter...aren't they just the best!!  So, enjoy the videos, you need to watch both!!......

Calling Them.....Let's Play House Sis!

I call this pattern  The Meadow....LOVE IT!

Pattern is Wedding Bouquet....very nice!
I also was blessed and finished my 2 Grad photo to bind is what we did!!.....shew!!.....lots of memories....and now I can put away  Lion King...and Beauty and the Beast.....their fav movies when LITTLE!!!......
Have a Blessed Day!! God is so very good to us....the world is Filled With His Glory....Quilted Blessings!!  Karen

May 2, 2013


Had to just share this ..... it is just a sweet moment!!  Have a very special day today!!

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest


Doll Quilt
Oh Canada!!
You know, Sharing in life is just one of the sweetest thing going! Also, being in the Quilters' Community there is always something going on and ways to share and "meet" new folks! My Swapping Doll Monthly partner for April is in Canada, it is sweet to meet someone that you know is also stitching up something for you too....stitches!!...what a great way to show my quilt arrived across our northern border today and she was happy....funny how you are lead to make something for someone you have never met and it just seems to 'FIT' that is so is the quilt I worked up for her, inspired by the Grad Photo Quilts I am laboring with love on....the House.....It was fun to make...watched The Masters' while I did the ribbon embroidery. FUN!!  Enjoy the Spring Sunset....YUMMO!! See you in a few! Just had to share that the Doll Quilt arrived! and Oh, how I love mine!!! Thank you Karen!!   Quilted Blessings, Karen
Love it!!
You can not beat an Indiana Sunset!