January 23, 2015

Who Rules?

         Enjoy this Video on a Ruler for Home Sewing Machines......wink


      Blessed Quilting to you this weekend ......  Kar

January 19, 2015

Making Progress

Making progress is always good and since we are doing a renovation siding can cover "alot"....  the buildings are solid .... you can even imagine how full the inside of the garage is....so much more purging to do...but it will come in time.  I have spent some more time putting up my quilts and pictures from our cabin....feeling more comfy now too.
There is the sound of my Farmer's Wife Quilt calling me from my sewing room....how are you doing?
Our son sees a Pituitary Specialist on Wednesday....still waiting to see where all the tests land.....God is watching over him.....his new kidney is doing awesome and his brother is healing; back to running.  Praise!

January 18, 2015

A New Twist on Twine

Who Knew!!


Ok so I miss my Grandgals......just enjoy these little tykes sing their precious little hearts out!!

Blessings!!   are Quilted......and packed inside the heart!!   Kari

January 14, 2015

The Circle of Life....Love

Just Love the Colors
Do you remember that song?  OH MY!!  Our granddaughters that watched Lion King over and over....and now they are in college.....where does the time go?
   We are still busy working on our rennovation and updates here, so!! yes, I want to sew.....sew sew much....but for now....enjoy a tip from Sarah Fielke over at Craftys.

Winter Blessings!!  Stay Warm...Quilted UP!

January 11, 2015

Settling In

Notice Fons and Porter Show on TV
Family Wal
Can it be half way through January?.....yes, it can be.  We are unpacking still; remodeling as we go...putting siding on the old garage....putting up my Barn Quilts..(yea, Go Buckeyes!).....family pictures, quilts......and working on putting up new tiles (marble) in the kitchen....it never stops for Quilters and Rehab Addicts....and a willing husband....a talented willing husband is even better!!.....so here are some photos of progress.  I did join the BOM of Lynette Anderson.  Her Blog is wonderful and her Little Quilt Store  is special too.  The Quilt Show has an exclusive BOM this year with her.  I have not entered this adventure before but her style of applique is very cool and doable....well I hope I can do it and I love embroidery added all over the quilt for interest. So, there you go.  I have the house about ready to ignore for awhile and get back into quilting....my hearts' desire and passion.....
God Bless you and Quilted Blessings!!  Karen

Prayers for my son are also need; Transplant has gone well, his brother is also back to work in MD....Kevin had blurry vision and now he has an MRI to check the Optic Nerve on Tuesday.....Trust.....

Our Quilt Lover

Go Buckeyes!!