December 21, 2014

Star of Bethlehem

Please bless yourself and take the time to enjoy this video on the Star of will increase your faith......

"For the Lord is the one who shaped the mountains, stirs up the winds, and reveals his thoughts to mankind.He turns the light of dawn into darkness and treads on the heights of the earth. The Lord God of Heaven’s Armies is his name!"

Amos 4:13 (NLT)

From Vintageblessings.....Pinterest....

Also, Of course, I had to find a Star of Bethlehem on Pinterest to share
.....Have a very Starry Blessed Week with Christmas as the Center.....Quilted.....

December 20, 2014


I love hexies....let's hear a big huraah!!....Ok now with Elenor you can whip one up quickly....even for the holidays....just make smaller lap quilt or a table runner.....You Go Girl!!......
  Still unpacking and organizing and enjoying the Season on our SC Farm......sometimes I can even smell the pine in the air here!!....


Or  try   Camille's  class on Craftys....  Have a blessed week....
Camille's Hexie's        ......Quilted.....Karen

December 19, 2014

Rule Me!!

This is awesome!! Take a look!!....see what you think...I do think it would work...I have personally taken a few small chunks out of my smaller 12 inch ruler by using it on the other side of the foot.....Amy's Free Motion .  
  Have some fun for me.....I am still unpacking....worked in my sewing room yesterday....hoping to start offering quilt lessons in January and try to stir up some Dear Janer's too.......
  In the Aiken SC area...let me know!!.....HOHOHO Merry Christmas Shopping....or Sewing....or Quilting!!

  You truly have blessed my life my stopping by.

Here is another treat from "Amy's Free Motion".

December 6, 2014

While We Settle In

Love our Pond Time.....
I thought I would share videos for you to enjoy while we unpack more and I am quilting again.  I surely miss it. Quilting is who I am after "living"..... so just enjoy some time with Quilty with me.  What are you doing right now?  Christmas projects?  I have to share some news:.....I tried to start up my quilt shop in my cabin shop for a couple people have found me online in Indiana and the YP....BUT, I left Indiana and I am now in Aiken, South is just the humor in life....a bit far for a "day drive" for my NW Indiana quilters.....Aw, well, maybe South Cackalacky's will find me sooner and not later!  I hope so!!

     God Bless!! Happy Quilting!!!


November 30, 2014

A Moving "chapter" finished....A New Adventure Begun

A new Chapter can not be started unless you can finish the last one......I say again; my Hub is soulmate.....

Moving....what a process....and in the middle of it
God does HIS work, our son raised over $100,000
in his Kidney Fund in over 6 weeks time, his brother
was completely ok'd to be the donor....on November
14th between 8:30am to 12:30pm our older son Steve
gave life back to his younger brother Kevin....God held
them in His hands....Kevin accepted Steve's gift and now
we are on the "other side" as Steve calls it of the transplant.
Kevin is still having adjustments in this body....low sodium,
replaced by IV's, Blood when his counts are low, and
admission when he catches the flu from his girls....Steve is
healing slowly; pain is still hard to bear at times; so it has
been abit rocky but nothing that surprises the Dr.....I think they
Our Son Steve and Wife Lori
are on "schedule" and God is still holding them.
We moved during the month also from Indiana to South Carolina.
Back to a farm we started to renovate and clear 5 years ago.

Our Blue Ridge 

Shiloh's last roll on the Pine

Our Heaven

Good bye


Dog's New Pond :)

Transplant Time!!

It is a work in progress.  Our 2nd oldest grandgal Kirsten came to spend Thanksgiving with us and do a little Black Friday shopping with me.
It was fun and we sent half of the left overs back with her to her college
apartment.  Time does march on.  We made a decision to sell the cabin that we had spent 11 years doing.  It was the right thing to do at the exactly right time.  God is NEVER late......never....and always always GOOD....each time and every time......Oh, we are so thankful He is our God and is in control.  So, enjoy a few pictures....I will find my son Steve the donor in a previous time.  I did not get Camera pictures of him in his lovely gown.....he will be glad for that!!....
New Shutters, Storm At Sea Barn Quilt Up
We are still settling in here.....painting....adding accents to the outside....deciding what we do next on is great....oh, did I mention my Hub retired from ER nursing too.....whoooooosh!!  a very blessed October and November time........7000 miles later.....yep.....many trips and transplant is ALL GOOD!!!

    God is so VERY VERY GOOD!!!

October 20, 2014

He IS The Man.....

Manning is the Man today......well, last retirement hub of yesterday had a 3 gifts.....a wonderful sunrise and sunset...just glorious....and his favorite Main Man has followed the Colt's before the Manning Fever Hit it....I KNOW he left Indianapolis and is now in my BFF town to we share him.....but you just have to love and respect this Manning Man
 Please except my diversion from Quilting!!.......I am piecing a top for a friend and will quilt it as soon as we unload Suziebell in SC......
Love to Sew!!

My Suziebell!!

October 18, 2014

Post Mark IT With Love.....

Moving Seranade
LOTS OF PICTURES!! ..We are moving South East....we made the decision this husband is retiring from night shift in the ER....we built this cabin ourselves....yes, my hub is "amazing" High School sweetheart and now Soul Mate and Best Friend....Enjoy our Inside His Opus Pictures....I did finish my most favorite quilt in my studio...I thought it was so appropriate as it is a HOUSE Quilt, pattern by Fig Tree & Co.......and fabs from her also.....Please relax and enjoy......hard?....yes, but so worth it for what it represents and what it is going to help conclude....Our Son and family......

Horses were moved in June  :(...


 All We Can Say....On our

5 Baths.....a possible BB....:)
My FAV!!!

My Studie

Our Hats with "Poppy's"

Love the hard to build on your own dormer

Sigh....will miss

The LONG Winter 2014

Home Sweet Cabin

pattern at Fig Tree & Co

Musical Chairs?

May Ole' Glory Always Be


"He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless. Even youths will become weak and tired, and young men will fall in exhaustion. But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint."

Isaiah 40:29-31 (NLT)

October 10, 2014


Illusion.....a good time of year to show that!!....Halloween is coming.....I totally can not believe it is that time of year already!!
 Where did the summer go?....well, for me, into staining and painting and packing and cleaning the cabin to show to potential buyers!!....and Quilting, as I could squeeze it in.
So!!  how fun is this Quilt with Jenny!!  Have fun!! I love it!!!
Quilted Blessings!!

Geta's Quilt Studio



Are You Chicken?....... Wink!!!!

October 5, 2014

It is All about......Sweet Sugar Swirl

Fig Tree & Co.
You will find a beautiful Sweet Sugar Swirl quilt completed at  A Little Bit Biased Blog  
The pattern is available for purchase at
Fig Tree & Co.

Hope you enjoy the quick video that will help you put this quilt together pretty quickly!!

A FUN! 2014 Quilt Market Video....ENJOY!!
Layer Cake Competition......Fun!!

Too much fun today.....NOW, Paper piecing with Alex!!

                                         Happy Quilting!!

October 4, 2014

Moving On from His OPUS

Gary's Opus
Old Glory
Sometimes life just happens in ways you had no idea it would be.  This is what is going on here.  First of all ,our son needs a kidney and since Obama care changed things for people, that is a change no one was ready for; LEAST of all, the medical world.  Unaware to him and all waiting  transplant patients; they were thrown into this new care under Medicare.  He has a disease that is multifocal and not curable, he needs a kidney as soon as he can. He is maintained at around 10% function with cycled Peritoneal Dialysis at night for 10 hours.
 God is blessing him and his family; they are close to having half of the 20% (for him $60,000) in a Fund. He needs this set aside to even go forward in finding a match.  He may be the first kidney transplant at IU in Indianapolis, Indiana that accomplished a fund for a kidney.  I know it is humbling for him but he will be so glad to walk on in his life after the "transplant"....finishing up his last 6 months of his Masters' there in Bloomington.  So, that is our #1 change at this time.
Shop Entrance....or was going to be :)
Fig Tree Fav!!
  Second change is our auctioning of our cabin.  We built it ourselves and there are years of work and blood, sweat and tears, as they say, put into it.  My husbands perseverance and talent and devotion is nothing less than amazing to me and for him to be able to walk away from it, is also a testimony of his character.  His love for family and his Lord comes first.
  In a few weeks, we will be moving back to a farm in SC that we renovated and began to make into a horse farm a few years ago. We actually have already taken the first load down.  ALL my fabric is there!!  We hope to finish the property and then sell it as a horse farm. SO,  after we have finished these two "works" we feel we can then decide where we will settle down to retire in.

  The first thing we will do is rent a Bush Hog in SC after more than 2 years of weeds, trees and growth welcome us back there!!......and fire ant hills  :(.......
  But I will quilt....we will love....we will dream......and with health....and energy we will go forward....our God will lead us.....we want to serve Him totally with our lives; where ever we may roam.....

Swoon Barn Quilts
  I will miss my quilting was wonderful....and I am most grateful for the experience of loving my husband like I do and to build this "OPUS" with him......we may build again, if God allows it; but nothing like this.....built for a  BB.....a haven of Hope and Joy.....

  To Our God Be All The Glory....for Great things HE has done......

  Quilted Blessings!!!   Karen The Quilter

My husband wants to add: "the cabin has been a goal and a dream but, now, has to become something of Greater Value; an extension of Love to someone who is Loved....."  Gary The Builder 

Shiloh and Sunny
"“This is what the LORD says—the LORD who made the earth, who formed and established it, whose name is the LORD: Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come."

Jeremiah 33:2-3 (NLT)

Always loving to Swim

September 22, 2014


                                  I am again inspired this morning.....

                                   First, though I am Heading to:

                                  pick up my SC friend's quilt and put the binding on
                                  today and finish up a small quilt on my longarm; of
                                  course, so I can load my HOUSE quilt back onto
                                  the frame to finish it so, of course!! another top is
                                  ready to be is that way in a Quilter's
                                  Cabin, such as mine is.

Quilts By Emily

                                    Emily's Quilt  is a  neat way to cut up a full sized
                                  block and make it into, yet again, another block!
                                  Please click on the label and it will take you to her

                                  Now, that's Inspiration !! at my Quilter's Cabin.

                                  Please, Enjoy my "find" this morning and may you
                                  have a Quilted sort of day with tons of Blessings!!