March 1, 2014

Good News

We had a good day with our son and his wife and 2 little girls
even if he had just had ended up to be a lappy; so that was a huge answer
to prayers...he was in and out of surgery in record time.  He opted to stay overnight due to his Dialysis schedule and ease of getting to the clinic on Saturday.
  It just seemed like the smart thing to do....and they can watch his vitals all night and that made his Dad and me feel better too.  So, that was a good thing to see yes, but not as in depth as it might have been....Dr was right, 70% chance it will be a Lappy.....Happy he was right!
So, now to heal and then start this PD dialysis and try to patiently wait for the transplant....of which, we are all so grateful for!

I could not sleep, since we were on the road over 7 hours total in just a 13 hour period of time. We had hugged on our 2 little Grandgals....and played the  "that's just so weird, Dobbie" game today.....we laughed and joked about "weirdo" things.....I totally needed the time playing in their room and watching them eat pizza and jello at the hospital cafeteria....their fav place right now to eat :).....and just hanging "particular place to go"....those are just the best times!!.....
My "weird-0" Companion 3 years ago
Also, tonight, I found a sweet book encouraged to me by Amazon; my faithful and free shipping friend....a book called  Civil War Legacies is just packed full of SMALL blocked OLD patterns, renamed and I preordered it.....I love some of the names of her patterns....Connies' Lilly' just sounds and looks awesome!! could substitute brighter 1930 Vintages too or use the splashy new prints of today....just experiment and make your "day"!.....that is what is so fun about quilting....No rules here in this house, girlfriend!!....
I even think you can figure out paper piecing for these blocks too; just "divide and conquer".....seriously!!

I better lay down and try some sleep again.....gotta finish a house quilt top tomorrow.....we only have 4-10 fresh inches of snow coming......but we are all stocked up......"let it snow, but please bring the Spring with it this time!!"  Quilted Blessings Dear Friend!!


Diana and Rosie said...

Glad the surgery was accomplished via laparoscopy.

Lorna said...

Karen: Many continued prayers for your son and family. Being able to create and sew quilts is like giving someone a very big hug!