March 11, 2014

Luck of the Irish

Whiskers for some little girls....I am thinkin' the kitty should be shades of green too.....

Notre Dame is home at South Bend, Indiana. The love of the Irish is thick there!! It is a lovely campus and just north of where we live.
 So, if you are there during St Pats' Day you will see everything Green.  For them I add this Delicious looking cake and really sweet idea for that celebration.  I will have to find a gluten free recipe to use but, the idea of layering greens MUST be connected to my Love of Quilting....and color combinations in all that I see and enjoy.  So, have fun and go ahead, spoil yourself even if you just make the recipe into cupcakes; lets just Color IT Green!! at  Cupcakes and Cashmere    you just have to love the title of the blog too!!   Today I am making a Whiskers Quilt for 2 sweet grandgals to help celebrate the younger ones' 5th birthday and her American Girl she chose (I have always gotten each grandgal one )   Isabelle ....  the doll of the year....a dancer....just like our dancing Millie pod. 

Oh, current Spring sightings include geese on the frozen pond and flocks of robins enjoying a few area of "green" grass area.  Hey that is something really to celebrate....yep, I know, please don't rub it in we get up to 8 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow with wind....we JUST got my bug up and out the lane yesterday....yes, we will park out by the road tonight.....sigh!!! must be what we need or God would not provide it!  May you  have green blessings the rest of this month of March....Spring is in 9 days...but hey, how is counting?  ......  Blessings Always!

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