March 8, 2014

Pretty and Playful

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  We are seeing snow flakes but, NOT to worry, they will not get us caught in their "drift," if you know what I mean!
 Today I am finishing up doing my Jobs Tears; while on a search for a border idea, I found an awesome tutorial on a braided one with Quilty and so I plan now to use the fabric from the Tears into the border; I think it will be a nice combination...also to remind me that there is a truth God wants us to hug tightly,  that if we have His Three cords in our life of faith, it can not easily be broken.

 I thought with Jobs Tears the Cord would be something to remind us to trust Him always.

 Then, since we all want Spring ASAP I am posting a link to a new book Playful Petals  by Corey Yoder....just gorgeous patterns to try out!  I am also reading a series by Cindy Woodsmall on the Amish and an Apple her name caught my eye,great Amish name.....

 Have a blessed Quilted kind of day!

Our son?....doing has been a week already since his news we hope is an idea of when the transplant may occur; thanks for prayers. 


Lisa said...

I am glad to hear your son is doing better!

Little Miss Shabby said...

So excited you stumbled across my book! I had to laugh about the Amish comment--you are certainly right about my name. =) Although I am not Amish, my great-grandparents were as was my husband's dad. I love living in my little Amish community! =)