September 22, 2014


                                  I am again inspired this morning.....

                                   First, though I am Heading to:

                                  pick up my SC friend's quilt and put the binding on
                                  today and finish up a small quilt on my longarm; of
                                  course, so I can load my HOUSE quilt back onto
                                  the frame to finish it so, of course!! another top is
                                  ready to be is that way in a Quilter's
                                  Cabin, such as mine is.

Quilts By Emily

                                    Emily's Quilt  is a  neat way to cut up a full sized
                                  block and make it into, yet again, another block!
                                  Please click on the label and it will take you to her

                                  Now, that's Inspiration !! at my Quilter's Cabin.

                                  Please, Enjoy my "find" this morning and may you
                                  have a Quilted sort of day with tons of Blessings!!

September 21, 2014

Sunday and Quilt Candy

This Blesses me!!  A way to use your orphan blocks.  wink!!
Carla-Grace And Favour     

OR.. try a straight line design like this....So Ctue!!
Hyacinth Quilt Designs
Any way you look at Quilt Candy it is truly


Bag Lady

I am just in that kind of mood.....I want to make a new bag.....and supplied that pattern for just 1$ can't go wrong.
1$ Craftsy Pattern
  So, that is what I am going to do today; after I do my studies and then finish up a few "please organize me!" duties....I should be ready to roll into my bag project after lunch!....but really; why not bag it today with me!!....the Bag Ladies you could say!.....  another great "bag lady"....ChrisWDesigns  a great find for me today!!  Please Enjoy my new found treasures too!!

 If you are in a Big Bag It Mood like I am in!!

  Also a have to do:  bind my friend's quilt....a must !!

With a Scrappy Binding!!

Going to SC 
Let us just is IN The Bag!

Go Girls!  You Rock!!

A Bonus!  Weave Your Sqaures
Moda Bake Shop Jelly Roll Rug

September 19, 2014

It's A Wrap

 Progress!! Building, Staining and Quilting.  Our life's a Wrap!!
It IS a Wrap!!

  First BOM of 9 total...for 2014.....Pat Sloan.....AWESOME!!!......

Still working on my House Quilt
 Love love love this man!!! below......saw him at his locker in 9th grade!.....45 years later with marriage and 5 years of dating.....woooooooooohooooo 50 years!!.....Adore Him!!!............

 Blessings!!!!!   Kar
West Porch All complete now....a Wrap!

September 18, 2014

Our Son's Update

Wanted to update you on our son Kevin, who is waiting on a kidney transplant.  He is still in the search for a match; his brother may be part of a 3 way match, since his kidney isn't a great match, then he can give his to someone he does match with and the person that would be a match for Kevin would give his to our ill son.
Favorite Restaurant
              There is a Fund Raising Update link on their blog that gives information, if anyone would want to help them at this point.  The basic price of the surgery is 260,000$ right now and with Obamacare changing things for those waiting on a transplant list, he now has to raise 20% of that price.  I am SURE more and more ill patients will be finding themselves in this poorly planned coverage and situation.  It certainly DID NOT have to be like this for people.....not here in the good Ol' USA...but times have changed and people who thought they had the answers, didn't and don't.  So, unless each State can change some laws and coverage this is what we will see and hear about more and more.
  He is young enough to fall into the area of getting a transplant.....those that are "older" I am sure will have a more difficult time.  He has also found out that no one really knows how this "care" works and who is taking care of what....the more people he calls, the more confused everyone gets.  So, they just went ahead with the fund raiser....he and his wife have no access to this fund; it is all handled professionally and accounted for.  To protect them and the people who may decide to contribute.
Last Year At Easter
Kid and Him with LP Quilt
   Thank you for taking the time to read about it.  He is on Peritoneal Dialysis with a Cycler at night, he is free of dialysis during the day....he has had some tough months but recently has a routine with his care.  He only has the last 6 months left of his Masters' Study at IU, but had to put it on hold last year due to his health and energy level.  He can only begin it in January of the year....the department he is in understands his plight but it would be such a gift to him to have the transplant work out soon and be ready "to roll" with his study in January and then Graduate and get on with his life and care of his family......he went to Bloomington 5 years ago and completed his Bachelors' Study in Informatics and is pursuing his Masters' in that same subject.  IU is the best University in America with that sort of degree.
Older Brother Willing to Transplant
   He and his family are amazing and keep staying focused.  May God be with them every minute of every day and bless them each doubly.
  I have offered what I can do donate a Quilt to be Raffled for his fund......waiting to hear if that is possible at this time......either way,  I am !! know us Moms!!......
  Have a great and awesome day!!  God is STILL on the throne.  In these tumultuous times of crisis and danger in the World as we see it; my answer that I can do right now in life is to create quilts that can keep someone warm with comfort and love.
  For God So Loved the World that HE gave His only our son's become closer in a journey they never planned but God did and has.....keeping God on the throne.....

Just for fun now:
I love this pillow I found many ideas with this....check it out....Crazy Mom Quilts    so sweet!!!


Last Years' Walk

September 15, 2014

Loving It!

When life settles down a bit I am going to try this  Quilt As You Go .   
It is with Cori at Lets' Eat Grandpa.  The name really caught me as we use to call our Grandpa to supper atleast 15 minutes ahead of time....He had to take off his cap (I have hanging in the hallway on a hook) and scratch his head...put the cap back on...and "maybe" head to the back laundry room to wash up to eat.  He lived across the street in his own little home, but weeded our gardens and ate with and was always helping us with homework at the kitchen table....then he would put his cap back on and head home to Breakfast at home...and return to help Mom with the 3 little ones she had born to our family in her 40's, make us 8....
Anyways!!.....the tutorial is great and I LOVE the way you just quilt it as you go, seriously....neat way to make hot pads...anything really that would come to your imagination!!.
We are heading to our son's in Bloomington tomorrow to take them out to supper and then run back home.....busy, busy!....everyone is busy!!

It rained all day today....OOOH, I smell popcorn popping...Hub just got off the phone with our son in caught up on all the Grandy news and he and his wife's.
I rejoice in Threads and Fabric and the satisfaction and contentment I find in Quilt Creations as
I share this calls colors and stitches in the photo above!......God bless!!!

September 14, 2014

Free Patterns

Grandys' Together May '13

Having fun on Craftsy this morning...finding free patterns for you to use....that is always fun!!.....

Craftsy Free Shabby
Craftsy Free Diamonds
This saying blessed me today!!.....thinking of our Grandgals in Bloomington today!!
First Day At School
  Hope to eat supper with them this coming week.....Kindergartner and Second Grader...does it really get any better than that?.....

Quilted Blessings!!

September 12, 2014

Crazy Inspiration

I want to connect you to Sweet Water Company!!  Yummo!!
I love their fabric and also Free Patterns!  I joined the Kit Club!! You receive a small pattern with labels to use on the pattern each month......easily comes in your mail.  LOVE IT!! I do want to make it ASAP.  For September it is a little sewing kit, a nice place for your sissors and threads and I am thinking Hexie's....It would fit inside my "bags" easily!!
  Sweet Water just came out with Boat House fabric.....gotta have it!! is just me;  well there are so many fabric choices this month.....Flower Patch with Bee In My Bonnie is a great one by Lori Holt.

  Hope you enjoy the little journey into Fabric Inspiration today!

Japan: Owl Button Blog
This Dear Jane is Amazing!!...just amazing!!....I love Dear Jane....I have 3 sets of the first 14 blocks done..trying to make my kids each one....yep....but I must need to make a blue one too!!! after finding this!!....

Pinterest Find.....just adorable!!

 Hope you enjoy the "finds" i found today. The free pattern....the free tutorial....and maybe Inspiration!!

 Blessings today.....even if it rains we can still "dance in the rain"!!

                    More Creative Folks....tutorial
Sew Sweet Violet Blog

September 11, 2014


My Favorite Quilt....Ever!
Our Quilt Shop....Old Glory
yes, I am on Moms' Lap
Sisters?....confidants.....friends....know you so well because they know themselves?.....feel secure with real feelings.....pray for each others...stand by each other.....teach them as they teach the same things....bring the same food to gathering unless a list is made ahead of time (funny) the same shoes and purses....seriously....have the same hands and when you do dishes you look over and realize those hands are connected to your sister, not yourself.....yep!!.....having kids together and younger sisters having kids while your kids are growing up and now repeating it all with grandkids.....some like to sew and quilt...others would rather die than sew......SEW they clean and cook...the sewers say, cleaning?.....not so much....all like to eat so all cook....some even like to cook....some go to Heaven before they are really ready and the others aren't really ready to let them go, but God calls us all to Him.....sisters that love God...Loved our parents and their parents.....Love our kids is good....this brainstorming about Sisters......I even know that a fabric designer group only lives 25 miles from me near the Amish that are Sisters'.....pretty cool beans!!.....(a sisters' saying.) who I am
So, sew, there you are!!....I was thinking about them and sew I shared!! it or not......Bless them today, God......Bless yourself by counting them a blessing....
if you are at odds....get over it....forgive and don't waste any time getting a new perspective on Sisters' even on brothers; as you can see we were blessed!!
Sisters?....they are pretty cool and really do know you well.....that is a blessing.....


God, Bless the families today too that lost sisters, moms, daughters, nieces, cousins and friends and just acquaintances on that horrific 9/11 disaster on our homeland..... Also,keep our troops safe and others who serve us behind the lines in jobs that only they "know about'......

9/11 Quilt Inspiration

Old Glory...may she find her way...and may God continue to use her is my prayer.......Bless you all today...!!

September 9, 2014

Quilt As Desired!

Enjoy these tutorials about design decisions....  It is FUN to free motion!!

and then we have just the stitching; which is an awesome lesson too

.....and I HAD to add Jodi at Quilt It.....

I almost forgot Leah Day!!.....yes, I love her first name....that is our daughters' name!!

Which do you prefer?......Just Quilt As Desired....HOW what you like and makes you ENJOY doing it!!

As you can see I have been doing horizontal quilting is straight lines and one is wiggling....the wiggles reminds me of seersucker fabric!


Our Three Kids
Happy Birthday too STEVE!!  You light up our world for 42 years...(he is the curly haired guy in the picture below)....we Praise God for who you are....

September 7, 2014

Made My Day

This just MADE MY way to find web site .....just enjoy it half as much as I do....I LOVE barns.....I LOVE Quilts.....and I do LOVE Barn Quilts too
.....this is just something that makes your heart smile.

A barn with quilts hanging all over sweet on Pinterest.....HERE by Jennifer Overstreet

Hug A Quilt today!!.....especially if a giggly little kid that is ticklish is inside of it!!!

Ok, off to the Races.... Girlfriend!!!

ANDREW TYLER ....made our day!!....born just after Hurricane Fran at Ft Brag NC.....YOU ROCK!!!

Hopeland Gardens, Aiken SC
 HAPPY HAPPY 18th Birthday ANDREW!!  Our Only Grandson with 8 Granddaughter!! You are an awesome son, brother, cousin and best of all to us....GRANDSON!! proud of you!!
Fishing in SC

Quilt As You Go

Craftsy  .
   I don't have to say much more than that!! Please enjoy the tutorial, very well done in photos of how to make a Quilt As You Go can adapt it to whatever quilt you have chosen to make...... I say that is AWESOME!!!......

Sew Take A Hike has a 4 part tutorial on
a log cabin Quilt As You is REALLY COOL.
photo and work done by sew take a hike


  photo by Karen Griska


               Buy At Etsy Here

               Visit Nancy Creative
photo by nancy creative


September 5, 2014

Barn Quilts

Our Cabin
I say.....Say It With Barn Quilts....being born into a painters' family and becoming #2 of 5 daughters and 3 sons sprinkled in like salt and pepper....some of us being spicy peppers!.....I just love to paint and wallpaper and also Mom and Dad did Reproduction Porcelain Dolls after their retirement in the 60's and then after loosing Dad in the early 90's Mom threw herself into quilting and going to the basement to work on the dolls came less and less.....Dad always had his radio on in his section where he clean the bisque and then fired many levels of work.....he got so good at painting eyelashes and brows....Mom was good at the blush too....they were such a team.....always and now forever, as Mom joined Dad in Heaven 10 years ago this with that I say they would be ALL about what we do together as a couple too....we copy them!!.....and they would love the painted Barn Quilts and my longarm that quilts up things....I purchased my machine with my Moms' inheritance that was shared 8 is "perfect".....
Then when I spotted Barn Quilts, I just knew it was in the "clouds" for me. My Dad named me...I was #5 and they had one girl and 3 boys and really wanted another girl......then they had 3 more girls!!! after me.....crazy love!!

Old Glory

Ohio Star

still working on connecting porch roofs!

It is a high climb!!

Work in Process!!

True Love!!

Our Faithful Goldens Shiloh & Sunny

So, hub is my soul mate from High family and I are most blessed by God giving him to us for  our life journey

..... enjoy the pictures....of yes, you guessed it....the Cabin that he  (I Helped a little bit) Built......


Heading to Clean and then...